How to Get Rid of Diamond Resorts Timeshare

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Does it seem like your maintenance fees are going insane? Are your account balances beginning to look a bit smaller as these troublesome expenses keep on whittling down your wallets? Growing each year until you ask yourself,” Is this even worth keeping any longer?

In case you’re feeling stuck right about now, take a full breath! The good news is you’ve come to the right place. Our group has composed in this article an exclusive tip that could assist you with getting rid of Diamond Resorts timeshare. An answer that can help timeshare owners all over dispose of their timeshares! If you’re prepared to discover the mystery on the most proficient method to escape Diamond Resorts International, first take our short quiz on the right side of the page. Once you’ve achieved this, get out a pen and a paper and prepare to take notes.

Our team is going to uncover the most ideal way on how to get rid of Diamond Resorts timeshare. Or on the other hand, you can start a Live Chat to learn more through a free customized consultation. We can help you track down the best arrangement ideal for your timeshare situation. Anyway, what are you hanging tight for? Let’s begin!

Who Owns Diamond Resorts International?

Who owns Diamond Resorts International anyways? Stephen J. Cloobeck first made Diamond Resorts a reality in 2007 when he drove a group of financial investors to purchase Sunterra Corporation. From that point forward, it has developed into the vacation ownership giant that you know today.

Otherwise known as Diamond Resorts International, the organization presently has 379 destinations in 35 nations across the globe. Settled in Las Vegas, NV, Diamond Resorts currently has CEO – Michael Flaskey in charge. Be that as it may, it was Cloobeck who acquainted Diamond Resorts with its extraordinary focuses-based framework.

Since 2013, Diamond Resorts has been supporting golf competitions. Everything began when PGA TOUR proficient Brian Gay offered to loan his name for a tournament debut. The objective was to assist with fund-raising for the Florida Hospital for Children. Over 300 golf players, observers, and even famous people went to the occasion.

Then, in 2014, the competition expanded when they started including proficient players and a private featured show by Colt Ford. In addition to the fact that he is a notable country music star, Colt Ford is the company’s superstar ambassador. Diamond Resorts was making such an uproar in the business it grabbed the eye of Apollo Global Management. As of now, the New York-based venture firm possesses a generous measure of the vacation and hospitality industry. TPG Capital, a substantial stake in Caesar Entertainment, do they truly require Diamond now as well?

They sure felt as such! In 2016, Apollo Global Management declared a $2.2 billion arrangement to get Diamond Resorts International.

It seems like the ideal year for them to buy the organization since this was the same year Diamond Resorts went into a settlement agreement with the State of Arizona. For quite a long time, Diamond Resorts timeshare owners grumbled about their expenses and said they had been misled. At long last, some validity was found in these cases when Diamond Resorts needed to refund every one of their proprietors!

And after five years in March of 2021, Apollo Global Management consented to sell Diamond Resorts to Hilton Grand Vacations for $1.4 Billion. The process was finished in August 2021.

How to Cancel Diamond Resorts

You might be thinking about how to cancel Diamond Resorts contract. Commonly, it isn’t so easy to drop a timeshare contract.

Presently don’t surrender at this time! There is a straightforward way out in the event that you can catch it on time. The rescission period can save you an incredible amount of dollars on the off chance that you qualify. Your right of rescission is a little window of time where you can, in any case, cancel Diamond Resorts for full reimbursement.

Generally situated inside the start or end of your agreement, the length of your rescission relies upon where you made your purchase. Rescission laws are distinctive in each state in the United States. A few states have a 5-day rescission period: others 7. A standard range we have seen is a 3 – 14-day rescission period. Presently there are rescission laws in different nations like Mexico, for instance. However, don’t commit the error that these laws work the same way American rescission laws do.

Another significant hint to note is that most rescission laws expect you to mail in a written cancellation letter. What’s more, since we’re feeling extra liberal, we will give you another tip. BUY THE EXPEDITED MAIL OPTION. With regards to rescission, submitting any documentation outside of your time period will consequently disqualify you from this opportunity. Putting in a couple of additional dollars to keep away from ineligibility is perhaps the best move you can make here. To learn more about timeshare rescission letters, click here.

Will Diamond Resorts Buy Back Timeshare?

Without a doubt, on the off chance that you missed your rescission period, you might ask yourself,” will Diamond Resorts Buy-Back timeshare?

The primary thing you ought to do is still call Diamond Resorts. Regardless of whether you’re behind on a portion of your installments, it’s as yet worth a shot! Transitions by Diamond Resorts offers individuals and proprietors a protected method to give up all or part of your timeshare possession.

Be that as it may, Transitions will expect you to be current on your installments, especially on the off chance that you might want to sell. Each timeshare should realize that qualification for resale just applies for paid-off timeshares.

In the event that you still have a loan or owe a mortgage balance, your timeshare will be recorded as “encumbered.” This implies it will be limited from being sold on any resale market. Considering that, don’t feel free to enlist a resale organization! We don’t think that you should employ any resale organization so they can list your timeshare on a “selective” stage. Actually, discovering a purchaser in the resale market is a difficult task.

You may think we’re stating the obvious here. However, if you take a stab at looking through Diamond timeshares for sale on eBay or craigslist, you’ll perceive what we mean. Different offers are recorded for as low as $1. This is verification that vast loads of timeshare owners have abandoned their quest for a purchaser to free them of this weight.


How to Get Out of Diamond Resorts Timeshare

Timeshares normally are deeded properties or proprietorships upheld by an agreement. Similarly, as you just can’t drop a house deed, dropping a timeshare deed is the same for this situation.

Presently, this doesn’t imply that you’re out of choices here. It simply implies you will undoubtedly need support from an expert to get out of Diamond Resorts timeshare. This is the reason we suggest you recruit a timeshare exit company that works close by attorneys. Envision a whole group of timeshare exit specialists working vivaciously on your case with the assistance of master timeshare attorneys.

Note, the business is brimming with a wide range of timeshare exit organizations and law firms. Furthermore, not every one of them are trustworthy, or qualified to cancel Diamond Resorts timeshares. The FTC and the BBB caution each year to abstain from upfront charges due to the various timeshare exit scams that exist. This is the reason our team just suggests you employ a company that offers a no upfront fee escrow payment option, so you stay secured against a scam!

By cancelling with escrow, you eliminate all the danger of turning into a victim of another timeshare exit. The reason for this is because escrow wipes out all forthcoming expenses paid straightforwardly to the timeshare exit company. By doing this, you hold the exit company responsible to finish the services they guaranteed. Else, they won’t receive payment.

Yet, there are huge loads of exit companies that exist. How would you realize where to begin? Or on the other hand, which ones offer escrow? Nobody has the spare time to investigate and hear out each and every organization. All in all, what do you do?

We suggest you first complete our short quiz on the right half of the page. Then, we propose you start a live chat with one of our trained professionals. Or even call us! We’ve done our due persistence in exploring however many organizations as possible. We’ll help you select the best exit option ideal helping you get rid of Diamond Resorts timeshare.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, if you choose to get rid of Diamond Resorts timeshare, you should act now! There are no more opportunities to squander.

The more you stand by, the more possibilities your timeshare is of turning into a weight, a horrendous weight that won’t just affect you, but your family also. Expenses that never seem to end and keep on growing every year will consume your finances. Exceptional evaluation expenses that, to be honest, you don’t remember anybody truly referencing!

No need to panic. We’re here to help! Contact our team so we can assist you with deciding whether a timeshare exit organization is genuine. We suggest working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow so you pay no up-front expenses. Know your lawful right so you can leave your timeshare contract legitimately. Peruse our site, fill out the form on the right, or reach out to us through a Live Chat for a free instructive meeting.

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