How to Get Out of Wyndham Timeshare

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The reason you’re here is because you most likely want to know how to get out of Wyndham timeshare, right? Rest assured, you’re not alone here. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of timeshare owners each year are searching for a way out.

So if you’re feeling a bit terrified because it doesn’t look like there’s a way out, take a deep breath! You’re in luck because our team has written in this article the secret that so many timeshare owners desire. A solution that can help timeshare owners all over get rid of their timeshares! If you’re ready to learn how to get out of Wyndham timeshare, first fill out our short quiz on the right. Once you’ve accomplished this, get out a pen and a paper and be ready to take notes.

Our team is about to reveal the best way to cancel Wyndham timeshare. Or you can initiate a Live Chat to learn more through a free personalized consultation. We can help you find the best solution ideal for your timeshare situation. So what are you waiting for? Take action now!

Is Wyndham Part of Marriott?

Is Wyndham part of Marriott? Just who owns Wyndham hotels? We can begin by mentioning how Wyndham Destinations is possibly the world’s largest timeshare vacation ownership company.

What started as Wyndham Worldwide, the company has grown into the vacation giants you know today. An immense network of more than 9,000 properties in over 90 countries. And an estimate of about 1 million owners traveling within the Wyndham vacation exchange network.

The first Wyndham Hotel was created in 1981 in Dallas, TX. And since 2017, the company has had the same President and CEO – Michael Brown. Over time the company has created 20 different vacation ownership brands. Amongst the list of brands includes:

  • World mark by Wyndham
  • Club Wyndham
  • Club Wyndham Plus
  • Wyndham Extra Holidays
  • Wyndham Vacation Rentals

Wyndham has done an excellent job of maintaining a worldwide timeshare presence. This is why we found It odd to see Wyndham timeshare owners file a class-action lawsuit against the company.

According to the lawsuit, Wyndham was accused of lying to its customers about benefits. In addition, they were performing high-pressure sales tactics to pressure people into purchasing points. According to many Wyndham timeshare owners, the company made many fraudulent sales pitches.

Right of Rescission

Just purchased a Wyndham timeshare? Then use your right of rescission! Note that state laws regulate the length of your rescission period.

Did we confuse you even more? Think of the rescission period as the “cooling off” period where you can cancel Wyndham timeshare and still receive a full refund. Most states in the US have a 3-14 day rescission period. Now you mustn’t make the mistake that rescission laws in a foreign country work the same as in the US. Rescission laws apply in Mexico and other parts of the world, but that does not mean rescission laws all work correspondingly.

If you’re still uncertain of the length of your rescission period, our team recommends you look into the state rescission laws where you made your purchase. The rescission period may begin when you purchase your timeshare, but each case does vary. Also, note that most rescission laws require information about your cancellation to be included in your contract.

Determining the length of your rescission period could save you thousands if you catch it within the timeframe. When it comes to rescinding your contract, most resorts require you to mail a written cancellation letter. We recommend purchasing overnight shipping to avoid any issues with tardiness. Paying a couple of extra dollars could save you thousands in cancellation fees! Click here to learn more about timeshare rescission letters.

How Do I Sell My Wyndham Points?

A rescission period is a very time-sensitive task that is rarely explained at sales presentations. So we don’t blame you if you missed yours. The question is, what’s next? Most of you are probably asking yourself, “how do I sell my Wyndham points?”

The first thing you should still do is reach out to your resort. To all Wyndham timeshare owners, the good news is Wyndham does offer exit programs of their own. Programs such as Wyndham Cares or Ovation have customer service teams who can guide you through your timeshare exit safely. But due to Wyndham’s recent lawsuit, we would understand if you don’t want help from their representatives.

It’s vital you also understand that the resale market is no easy place to maneuver. If you’re not cautious, you could become another timeshare resale scam victim. Every timeshare owner should know that eligibility for resale typically applies to paid-off timeshares only. If you still have a loan or owe a mortgage balance, your timeshare will be restricted from being sold.

Another point our team would like to mention here is finding a buyer can be extremely challenging. We understand we might sound like we’re pointing out the obvious. But the reality is that most timeshares depreciate immediately once purchased. Yes, that includes Wyndham timeshares as well.

You could list your timeshare by yourself online, but make sure you select a platform that does not charge up-front fees. Owners get duped into handing over their money to these “exclusive” websites all the time.

Don’t believe us? Try searching Wyndham timeshares for sale on or, and you’ll see what we mean. Tons of starting bids are listed for as low as $1. This is proof that hundreds of timeshares owners have given up on their search for a buyer.

Owning a timeshare can genuinely become a tremendous burden not only to you but your family as well. And resale companies understand this concept very well. That’s why so many have been successful in luring timeshare owners into paying up-front fees.

If you decide to go the resale way, our team suggests working with a company with no up-front fees to avoid any timeshare exit scam. To learn more about resale scams, click here.


How to Cancel Wyndham Timeshare

Selling a Wyndham timeshare didn’t go as planned? The good is news is you’re in luck! If you’re still wondering how to cancel Wyndham timeshare, we’ve saved the best option for the end.

As you have vacationed around the world using your Wyndham timeshare membership, it’s no question you explored some of the hottest vacation destinations. But as life goes on, priorities begin to change. Owning a timeshare just may not be ideal for you and your family anymore.

So you begin to ask one of the most common questions in the industry, “what’s the best way to get out of my timeshare?” And the answer is always “by doing so legally.” With that in consideration, we recommend you hire a timeshare exit company that works alongside attorneys.

Reputable timeshare exit companies typically work alongside attorneys on your case to look for any misrepresentations or loopholes in your contract. If they ask you tons of questions on what was said and how you were treated, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Timeshare specialists understand most misrepresentations are faced during a timeshare sales presentation. To learn more about timeshare contract loopholes, click here.

We did want to mention how crucial it is you hire a company with no up-front fees and that offers an escrow payment option. Protecting yourself from a potential timeshare scam should be your #1 priority. The FTC and the BBB have warned timeshare owners against paying up-front to exit their timeshare contracts. The emotions you will feel from a predatory sales presentation that led to your purchase can take a tremendous toll on your life.

That is why we only recommend companies that offer escrow because this eliminates all upfront fees paid directly to the exit company. By doing this, you remove all the risk of becoming a victim of a timeshare exit scam. And you hold the exit company accountable to complete the services they promised. To learn more about why escrow is crucial, click here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you decide you want to get out of Wyndham timeshare, you will need to act now! Fill out our short quiz on the right and reach out to one of our team members.

Timeshares can become a burden fast if you’re not careful. Ongoing maintenance fees and monthly costs start to add up as the years go by. And let’s not pretend like the resort won’t try and pressure you into upgrading your timeshare when you try to cancel.

Wyndham does not officially have a buy-back program, but they have other cancellation programs such as Wyndham Cares or Ovation. But we can’t forget past Wyndham timeshare owners are suing Wyndham. In lasting terms, we recommend you look into hiring a reputable exit company to help you cancel your timeshare. And we suggest you click here to learn more about timeshare exit scams. 

There are numerous timeshare scams every year. Contact our team so we can help you determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate, and we recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal right so you can exit your timeshare contract legally. Read over our website, fill out the form on the right, or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.


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