Can You Get Rid of an Escondido Towers Timeshare?

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Can You Get Rid of an Escondido Towers Timeshare? Escondido towers is located in Nuevo Mazatlan. The 3-bedroom is found on the grounds of the condo on a certain floor of Escondido Towers, a refined and privately owned resort community. Occupying a private stretch of Cerritos Beach, Mazatlán’s most famous stretch of sand.

A complete listing of terms, conditions and policies will be sent to you in the Rental Agreement and Policies document. All properties are Non-Smoking. Occupancy numbers are strictly enforced. Do not exceed the maximum allowed number of occupants in a property. Bachelor parties are strictly prohibited. Pets are prohibited in Non Pet-Friendly properties. You must be 25 years of age or older to enter into the Rental Agreement. Non-family groups require all occupants to be over the age of 25.

Check-in time is after 3:00pm, Check-out time is no later 10:00am.

You must strictly follow designated check-out times in order to prepare property for the next guests; The times are not flexible and overstaying check-out time will result in a $50.00 minimum charge. The air-conditioned rooms in this apartment provide tea/coffee utensils and a hairdryer. Rooms have a balcony. Rooms include a sofa bed and a dining table. Rooms have a smart TV. The kitchen has a refrigerator, stovetop, microwave and a separate dining area. The bathroom includes a bath or shower.

This Mazatlan condominium offers free Wi-Fi. Desks and office chairs are provided. Room cleaning services are provided upon request. Room cleaning services are provided.

Recreational facilities of the condominium include a water park and a spa bath.

The timeshare selling techniques

Timeshare consists of buying shares in a timeshare property allocation company, an acquisition giving the right to use a dwelling for a fixed period of time to its statutes.

Professionals have been able to misuse the term “share ownership”, or “shared property”, wrongly suggesting that the subscriber becomes the owner of a fraction of the property, which is not true: he only owns shares in a company.

A few years ago, you subscribed to a program allowing you to enjoy accommodation in a tourist residence a few weeks a year.

Following a stay in a holiday residence, you were seduced by the proposal of a commercial agent offering you to enjoy a timeshare apartment each year for one or two weeks in the residence you occupied.

After taking good advantage of it, do you want to put an end to it? How to get out of this timeshare? Keep reading if you have similar questions.

Timeshare or time-sharing purchase gives the buyer the right to stay in a fully equipped apartment located in a leisure residence, one or more weeks a year.

They emphasize the necessary written information of the sales professional to the consumer: the offer of sale must include the name, registered office and corporate forms of the seller, the designation and description of the property, the object of the contract and the nature of the right conferred, the period of enjoyment, the effective date of the contract, the main price to be paid and the ancillary costs, the services exchanges of periods of enjoyment, its cost, the calendar of periods of occupation..

The professional may not request or receive from the consumer any advance or other guarantee.

Going further in the reasoning, we will say that the buyers have not accessed the property but acquired tiny shares of a civil real estate company giving them the right to a meagre period of enjoyment.

In return, they pay astronomical charges for their modest retirement pension and can no longer assume the management of the residence.

The customer also has the obligation, when using the property, to comply with the provisions of the statutes, as well as the settlement of residence.

Decision-making is done as in a conventional company, in a general meeting, with the possibility of being represented by other partners.

The building is generally managed by a manager, who will ensure the routine maintenance of the building. He is appointed by the same general assembly. In the event of mismanagement on his part, his responsibility may be incurred in order to obtain compensation

It is therefore necessary to be vigilant about this type of operation, given the implications they have for the subscriber. Thus, the assistance of a competent timeshare company can be useful in order to assess the risks and preserve your interests. It will help you rule out any risk of litigation if the program does not seem reliable.

Why cancel a timeshare?

There are several reasons why a person can decide to cancel their Escondido towers timeshare. Some of these reasons include:

  • Changes in the financial situation. If your financial situation has changed for any reason, it may be necessary to cancel the timeshare to avoid the accumulation of debts.
  • Changes in vacation plans. If your vacation plans have changed, it may be necessary to cancel the timeshare to avoid paying for something you are not going to use.
  • Change of location. If you have moved to a different area, you may not want to continue paying for a timeshare that is located too far from your new place of residence.

Now we can imagine that the whole process of getting rid f a timeshare can be burdensome due to all the paperwork and all the complicated details, and the legal process can be difficult to understand. At, we serve to direct you to the right timeshare exit companies. These companies have expertise in their respective fields and areas. To find the right company for you, we suggest you to sign up and get access to hundreds of reviews and save yourself from being scammed.

Termination of contract

Several years after subscribing to a timeshare in a seaside residence, you wish to terminate the timeshare contract. The withdrawal of a property allocation company in timeshare can be difficult as it may seem.

The member may first transfer his shares to a third party. However, it is advisable to consult the articles of association in order to know the terms of such a transaction vis-à-vis the company. They can indeed provide for an approval clause, i.e. obtaining the authorization of the other partners to carry out the assignment.

Finding a buyer can be difficult, and in case of difficulty, other solutions must be considered.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the articles of association, a partner may withdraw in whole or in part from the company, after authorization given by a unanimous decision of the partners. Obtaining this unanimous agreement is difficult to obtain, and in the event of a blockage, resorting to the judge may be the only possible remedy.

The law makes it possible to request in court authorization to withdraw from the company for just reasons.

When the partner can no longer enjoy the lot assigned to him because of the closure or inaccessibility of the station or real estate complex concerned. The latter case can be advanced when subscribers are elderly and have reduced mobility.

The timeshare can finally finally cease in the event of the dissolution of the company, when it has reached the duration provided for in the articles of association.

The sad reality is that many timeshares have no value, their maintenance cost is usually very high, and selling them is very difficult. Therefore, it is not surprising that many buyers want to get rid of them.

Getting out of a timeshare is not an easy step. In order to achieve a resolution of this situation and obtain the withdrawal of the company, the constitution of a credible and reasoned file is essential. Again, calling on an experienced timeshare exit company will be decisive to put all the chances on your side.

The law provides for the establishment of a standard withdrawal form that must accompany all the proposed contracts. If this form is included in the documents given to you, simply complete it, sign it and send it by registered mail to the opposing party within 14 days.

If you have not been given this form, send your cancellation request by registered mail within one year of the expiry of the 14-day withdrawal period. You are not required to justify the reasons that lead you to give up your purchase.

How to stop a time-share after the withdrawal period?

A time-sharing contract often binds you for several years, or even for your entire life. It is very difficult to get rid of it.

Do you want to terminate your time-sharing contract concluded for an indefinite or unreasonably long term? First ask if the time-sharing company wishes to take over the right of use. If they accepts, an act of assignment will be drawn up.

They refuse? Termination rules vary from country to country.

How to get rid of a timeshare?

The main options for selling a timeshare are summarized in three:

  1. Cancel the contract with the company that sold it to you and return the property
  2. Hire a timeshare resale agency
  3. Sell timeshare on your own

However, selling the timeshare might not be the best option. Canceling it is the only definite solution to your problem. It is interesting that almost all companies that are engaged in timesharing have a department specifically dedicated to cancellations. This could tell us that canceling a timeshare can be easy, but it really isn’t.

Despite everything, trying to cancel the contract with the company with which you signed it is the first step you must take.

If you are up to date with the invoices and your timeshare has any interest, it is possible that they will allow you to make the return. Of course, with a lot of strict conditions. However, we have already warned you that this is not very common.

If you want to be safe in your negotiations, it is best to resort to a timeshare exit company.

The most common thing is that they propose to help you in the sale in exchange for a series of management fees, with which they continue to earn money from you. Another option they can offer you is a low-interest credit so that you can refinance the installments that you have left to pay (plus the pending ones if any).

We do not recommend either of these two options, since with them only the company wins. Therefore, if they do not accept the cancellation and you want to get rid of your timeshare, you will have no choice but the sale.

At our priority is to help people who have been victims of timeshare fraud. We help cancel their contracts by recommending only the tried and tested companies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your timeshare and get a free consultation to receive advice from one of our experts.

If you are still wondering how to get rid of a timeshare after trying to sell it, you must want to consult the services of a timeshare lawyer and/or a timeshare company. These companies work with lawyers to cancel your timeshare. You will have to pay them for their services, but your timeshare will be canceled and your maintenance fees will stop.

But there is much more to know, since many of these timeshare canceling companies only take your money and never actually solve your problems. We only deal with authentic companies and recommend the most suitable ones for you without any prejudice. Fill the form at the end or call us.

What are timeshare frauds like?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of scam in this sector and it is good to be warned. One of the usual is that the seller is contacted by an alleged agency that claims to have a buyer for timeshare.

In return, he asks for a whole series of documents to close the sale and the advance of his agency commission. However, once it is paid, the agency disappears and the sale never occurs because the alleged client does not exist. Be very careful with this.

How can I exit a timeshare contract?

Although in appearance it should be something simple, since all detimesharingcompanies have their cancellation department, the reality is that it is very difficult to cancel a timeshare.

We are not going to tell you that it is easy to get rid of timeshare because it is not. The reality is that it will probably take you months or years to get it, but the right timeshare canceling company will make the process less burdensome for you. These companies will usually solve your problem in 6 to 18 months.

Sadly, in the world of timesharing it is much easier to enter than to leave. And if you hadn’t noticed this until now, you’ll realise it soon.

When a timeshare client decides that he does not want to continue paying for his contract, he quickly discovers that this is not the same as selling a normal home.

From the outset, the offers of timeshare is much higher than the demand that exists. In addition, as time goes by, timeshare does not increase its value, but on the contrary, so it is impossible to recover all the investment made. In fact, you can consider yourself lucky if you recover something more than 20% of what it cost you.

This may be shocking to you, but there are offers on websites like eBay where timeshare homes are offered for only $1. In other words, people are willing to give it away as long as they don’t have to continue with their contract.

We know that this can be disheartening, but not everything is lost. You should also know how to play your cards to get the best out of your timeshare. In the next point we show you how to get out of a timeshare.

Many people are looking to cancel the holiday membership, but you have to be careful, because the same companies that sell them use complex strategies to avoid it. In fact, almost all of them have a special department for contract cancellations, but their objective is not to facilitate the process, but to complicate it or prevent it completely. You need to find a reliable and authentic timeshare canceling company and we are here for exactly this purpose. We have researched and gathered data on hundreds of timeshare canceling companies to save you from being scammed. Sign up with us now and take the first step towards getting this burden off you.

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