How to Get Out of a Timeshare in Mexico

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Did you accidentally fall for one of those “spend a free weekend in Mexico” deals? I mean, who can blame you? Warm ocean water and sunny weather year-round do make the salesperson’s job reasonably simple.

But if you felt pressured into signing up for a Mexican Timeshare, brace yourself. And are now wondering how to get out of a timeshare in Mexico. You may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

 If you haven’t received your paperwork, typically, it can take a few months after purchase. For those of you that have your paperwork, take a deep breath. The reality is, it’s common to see higher fees from the ones you were told at the presentation. Our team always warns owners not to fall for any verbal promises for this reason. Always get everything in writing! If it sounds “too good to be true,” most likely it’s because it is.

The good news is not all timeshare companies are evil. There are quite a few legitimate timeshare exit companies that exist. However, we can’t close our eyes and pretend scams don’t exist either. Don’t worry. If you’ve recently purchased a foreign timeshare, we got your back! So stop frantically searching the internet for a way out. The good news is, you’re in luck! Our team has written an in-depth review of different Mexico Timeshare scams and helpful tips on how to get out of a timeshare in Mexico. So don’t go on wondering if you could have acted sooner. Let this be the year you finally decided to take back control of your life. Fill out the form on the right or initiate a Live Chat with us to help you find the right solution for your timeshare situation.

Cancel a Timeshare Contract in Mexico

 If you haven’t read through your contract, we suggest you do so immediately. The way to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico is typically mentioned in your agreement. Check the terms of your purchase.

Usually, your rescission period is located here, whether it be the beginning or the end of your contract. Using your rescission period to cancel is the smartest and most cost-effective way you can cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico. An average rescission period can last 3-10 days, depending on your location. In Mexico, however, there is a 5 business day grace period where you can rescind your timeshare contract.

Our team suggests you first contact the timeshare developer and mention that you want out immediately. When reaching out to the company, be careful of any stalling or unwilling behavior from its staff. Typically the company will ask for a written document stating you want out of your contract. We recommend you submit this with overnight mail shipping.

Any documents that do not arrive within the rescission period will automatically disqualify you from rescinding your timeshare contract. We understand it can be pricey to send in overnight mail, but those couple of extra dollars can save you thousands!

 Mexico Timeshare Laws

 When canceling your timeshare in Mexico, it’s important you first understand how Mexico timeshare laws work. Timeshares in Mexico are generally beachfront condos and hotels with a life-span of 3 to 100 years.

Like American timeshares, yearly and monthly maintenance fees are required, with the potential to increase every year. Our team believes you should always take the time to understand your monthly and yearly expenses.

 When it comes to canceling any timeshare in Mexico, our team believes every owner should be familiar with Profeco Article 56 Federal Consumer Protection Law. Article 56 protects all consumers from fraud, not just Mexican citizens. The law does require a mailed-in or hand-delivered written letter detailing the situation and how you were a victim of fraud or high pressured sales tactics.

Nevertheless, it is your best option if you missed your rescission period. This law intends to protect consumers’ rights and promote fairness, assurance, and legal certainty in relations between the supplier and consumer.

When you are submitting your letter, be sure to address Profeco Article 56 Consumer Protection Law. It’ll make things clear for the resort to understand your request and prioritize your case. Also, be sure to include important details such as your name, dates, contact information, and your purchase date. The more information you have will help facilitate your request. And be sure to follow up with the resort if they require additional information or documents on your end.

 How to Legally Cancel a Timeshare Contract in Mexico

 Searching how to legally cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico?

Our team believes the most legitimate way to cancel a timeshare is through a reputable exit company that uses timeshare attorneys. What’s better than one brain trying to solve a problem? Two brains! That’s right. Now imagine an entire team full of timeshare experts and attorneys working on canceling your timeshare.

The attorney’s role in this situation is to search your contract for any loopholes or misrepresentations. It can be difficult for an exit company to get you out of a timeshare in Mexico. There are judicial restrictions in place that can complicate the process. But that’s where timeshare attorneys come in handy. There is a loophole around this issue. Suppose your timeshare in Mexico has offices or even an accounting department on US soil. In that case, this will give the exit company the green light to pursue legal action.

Still, wondering how to legally cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico? Well, stop wondering and take action! The timeshare industry is full of scams, including exit scams. This only increases an owner’s risk of encountering one. But there are legitimate exit companies that can back up what they claim.  And we can help you find the right one!

Our team always suggests working with an experienced exit company that knows the ins and outs of the industry. We only recommend exit companies with no up-front fees and an escrow payment option. This helps you stay protected during the cancellation process. Read over our website and contact us through live chat. Or fill out the form on the right so we can connect you with a legitimate exit company. We’ll help you find a company that knows how to legally cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico.

Final Thoughts

 In conclusion, timeshares are not a good investment. Sales reps will always use incentives such as “more family time” or “great real estate investment.” But these are all common lies. So if you’re looking to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico, do it fast!

Timeshares can be financially and mentally draining. Ridiculously high maintenance fees and limited booking dates will make your timeshare feel more like a burden. And increased levels of stress and fatigue from a “vacation club” are just not worth it. Just even hearing “timeshare” is only going to leave a very sour taste in your mouth. Did we mention all the phone calls you’re now going to receive? Full of salespeople pressuring you to upgrade for more money?

If you’re reading this and are considering buying a timeshare in Mexico, we suggest you get as far away from this industry as possible. For the timeshare owners who are reading, do not stress too much! As we explained earlier, you have multiple options for exiting.

Every year it seems there is a new timeshare scam reported. Get in touch with our team so that we may help you find a reputable timeshare exit company. Our review site aims to help you get a closer look at how timeshare exit companies operate. We only recommend reputable timeshare exit companies that have no up-front fees and offer an escrow option. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation. Learn how you can protect yourself from a timeshare exit scam!

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