How to Get out of the Ritz Carlton Timeshare?

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Immersed with a culture fixated completely on customer service and assistance, members and visitors of the Ritz Carlton Resorts and Hotels anticipate nothing short of the best.

Top-notch offices, superb amenities, and excellent customer service are what gave the Ritz Carlton Club its standing. Every trip you take to these impeccable Ritz regions, you’ll be met with uncommon delicate consideration, obliging staff people, unmatched conveniences, and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

Lamentably, the best can some of the time mean paying a considerable measure of expenses. There’s no question that, over the long run, this can turn out to be very oppressive. So, whether you need to sell a Ritz Carlton timeshare or dispose of it, realize you’ve come to the opportune spot. Continue reading to learn more about how to get out of the Ritz Carlton timeshare. Or you can initiate a Live Chat to learn more through a free personalized consultation. We can help you find the best solution ideal for your timeshare situation. 

Who Owns Ritz Carlton?

The Ritz Carlton attempts to situate itself as an alternate sort of timeshare organization. They promote materials to profess a dedication to honest business practices. Their strategy here is significant, given the industry is filled with companies who aren’t always reputable. But the truth is they are not so different from other timeshares.

Ritz Carlton has 91 lavish hotels and resorts throughout the world. You can discover a Ritz Carlton just about anywhere with that many locations. And as a subsidiary of Marriott, you will likewise have access to the 70 Marriott Vacation Club Resorts worldwide.

The Ritz Carlton offers what is known as the Ritz Carlton Destination Club. There are two sorts of enrollments, the Home Club Membership and the Vacation Club Points Membership.

The Ritz Carlton offers its owners two adaptable enlistment programs where they can sort out where, for how long, and what season they should travel. It offers fragmentary, deeded timeshare opportunities, point-based timeshares, and permits timeshare owners to use a certain percentage of their points.

Unfortunately, the Ritz Carlton destination club has had issues with depreciation.  Some owners have lost 80% of their original investment.

The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

Situated on the barrier island beaches of North Florida, the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island connects visitors with the slow progression of natural streams and local sand dunes. You can experience an excursion of culinary revelation featured before sun-down at Salt, an appraised AAA Five-Diamond restaurant. Or you can unwind at the tides of wellness with remarkable services inspired by the ocean. You can find this all along the seashores of Amelia Island.

The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is roosted on a rugged oceanside cliff in the San Francisco Bay Area, only a short way from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The 5-star resort is intended to be both appreciated and admired, with small outdoor fire pits encompassed by Adirondack seats. In addition, the resort includes a Club Lounge, which offers neighborhood wines and spa treatments.

Rescission Laws

If you recently signed up for a Ritz Carlton timeshare, then you may still qualify for your rescission period. The rescission law applies to all timeshare owners under what you might know as the “Consumer Credit Protection Act.”

An average rescission period can last 3-14 days. But if you’re unsure of the length of your rescission period, our team recommends you search up your state rescission laws. Note, you mustn’t confuse this with the state where you live in! We mean determining the state rescission laws of where you made your purchase.

Realizing this could save you thousands if you get it on schedule! With regards to rescinding your agreement, most hotels expect you to mail a composed cancellation letter. We recommend buying overnight mail to stay away from any issues. A few additional dollars could save you tons in cancellation fees! Click here to find out more about rescission.

How To Sell My Ritz Carlton Timeshare

One alternative is putting your Ritz Carlton timeshare on the resale market. In any case, the main thing our team suggests you do is contact your resort first.

Investigating the resale market can be tricky. If you don’t proceed cautiously, you could become a victim of a resale scam. The reality is finding a buyer can be extremely elusive. A big reason for this is because most timeshares devalue quickly once bought – and Ritz Carlton timeshares are no exemption.

Try searching Ritz Carlton timeshares for sale on or, you will rapidly discover, just like most timeshares, offers are recorded as low as $1. Soon you will understand the worth of your timeshare is little to nothing. Now you see why resale companies feed on this sense of urgency and desperation timeshare owners experience?

In the event that you choose to go for the resale option, ensure a resale organization doesn’t charge you high upfront fees. Our group recommends working with an organization with no direct charges to stay away from any timeshare resale scam.

How to Cancel Ritz Carlton Timeshare Contract

Selling a Ritz Carlton timeshare can be debilitating. Furthermore, we comprehend your rescission period is a tiny window. Anybody could miss it! All in all, what should you do?

Assuming you need to know how to cancel Ritz Carlton timeshare contract, we generally say the most ideal way is legitimately. This is the reason we suggest you hire a timeshare exit organization that works alongside lawyers.

Legitimate timeshare exit companies normally have lawyers that search for deceptions or escape clauses in your arrangement. Ordinarily, they will ask you different inquiries on what was said to you and how you were treated during the presentation. Other exit companies will try to charge you up-front, and not very many offer an escrow.

We recommend recruiting a timeshare exit company with no up-front fees and offers escrow, so you stay secured. The FTC and the BBB have cautioned timeshare owners against settling for up-front fees. We suggest escrow since this eliminates all direct charges paid straightforwardly to the exit company. Doing this eliminates all the danger of turning into a victim of a timeshare exit scam. Find out more why escrow is fundamental by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

Taking everything into account, in case you’re thinking about how to escape a Ritz Carlton timeshare, stop thinking and act! Timeshares can be exhausting. If you were tragically scammed into signing up for a timeshare, know you do have alternatives.

As we clarified the various options earlier, we generally suggest you get everything recorded as a hard copy. Having everything recorded will help you stay shielded from potential timeshare exit scams. Click here to learn more about timeshare exit scams.

There are numerous timeshare scams every year. Contact our team so we can help you determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate, and we recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal right so you can exit your timeshare contract legally. Read over our website, fill out the form on the right, or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.

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