How To Get Out of a Vistana Timeshare

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Do you want to learn how to get out of a Vistana timeshare? Is it not what you thought it would turn out to be?  Or would you say you were pressured into this?

Whichever the case, you’re not alone. When you can choose between brands like Sheraton and Westin, you’re going to attract thousands of people across the globe. And that’s what Vistana Signature Experiences has strived to do.

Vistana owns 23 villa resorts in the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean. The Vistana Signature Network offers flexible vacation options with some of the most sought-after destinations. With one of the industry’s leading loyalty programs, we found it shocking to read online just how many owners are upset with their Vistana ownership.

Many owners admit they were pressured. Others misled. And as life goes on, owning a timeshare just may not be ideal for your family’s needs anymore. If you haven’t read through your Vistana Timeshare Cancellation Policy and felt pressured into signing up for your timeshare, brace yourself. You may be in for some unpleasant news. Read over our website, fill out the form on the right, or initiate a Live Chat with us for a free personalized exit consultation and learn more.

Vistana Signature Experiences

Vistana Signature Experiences originates back to the 1980s, just at the right moment during a vacation ownership boom. The company first started in Orlando, Florida, not too far from Disney. This made coincidently became the company’s location of their first timeshare property.

Raymond “Rip” Gellein Jr. and Jeffrey Adler were two former Chicago bankers who eventually became the company’s executive officers. Raymond was later known as CEO, and Jeffery his Executive VP. They were the two who pushed the company towards luxury vacation experiences.

Vistana had a couple of different marketing strategies for their timeshare. But the one that took the organization to new lengths was their idea to host a PGA branded championship golf tournament in 1996. From there, the company expanded, and finally, Vistana’s World Golf Village was born. A Golf Hall of Fame and  PGA Tour Golf Academy are just some of the attractions the golfing community can visit. With the purchase of a vacation package, of course.

In 1997, Vistana made itself public on the New York Stock Exchange. Two years later, the company was purchased by Resorts Worldwide and Starwood Hotels for $400 million. Raymond Gellien was its director until his retirement in 2008. By then, Vistana’s timeshare sector was worth $1 billion. And as time passed, more brands began to develop.

In 2014, Vistana released the Sheraton Flex. This was Vistana’s point-based timeshare system. And as they continued to achieve success, a rival industry giant took notice. Not only did they notice, but they also took action two years later. In 2016, Interval Leisure Group (ILG) purchased Vistana from Starwood. This was a massive move for the company’s future because this would pair Vistana with Sheraton, Westin, and Hyatt brands.  And under new leadership, Vistana issued Westin and Sheraton vacation clubs of their own.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide then Interval Leisure Group in 2018. For a whopping $4.7 billing, Marriott became the largest luxury timeshare resort brand. In addition, they became the new parent company for Vistana Signature Experiences.

Does Vistana Buy-Back Timeshares?

With resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the US, the Vistana Signature Experiences has acquired quite the collection.

But did you know many customers are fed up with the vacation giant? That’s because many people who sign up for their timeshares, or “vacation clubs,” are under the wrong impression. Sales representatives will avoid using the word “timeshare” at all costs. Just even saying “timeshare” gives off such a bad feeling. It’s true. Most people turn the other way around once hearing “timeshare.” The problem now is that this has led many owners to believe they are signing up for something else.

Vistana has had several online complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau. Most of them mention they signed up under different impressions and now feel trapped.

Since Vistana is under the Marriott, you can call them to see what options you have. But there is no guarantee everyone qualifies for this program. You must meet specific requirements first. Contact us through Live Chat, or fill out the form on the right side of the page to learn more.

 If you signed up for a Vistana timeshare, your best option is to use your right to rescind your contract. Rescission laws allow you to cancel your timeshare contract typically 3-14 days after purchase. In Mexico, most rescission periods last 3-5 days. So you will need to act quickly if this is you!

Typically you are required to submit a written cancellation letter mentioning your reason for cancelling. Other documents or information may be necessary. And make sure you write your letter in the required format. And remember, this is a time-sensitive task! Anything the resort receives after your rescission period automatically disqualifies you from this option. This is why we recommend you send your letter in with expedited shipping features. Those extra dollars you spent could save you thousands! To learn more about rescission, click here.

How to Sell My Vistana Timeshare?

If you missed your rescission period, then you are probably wondering “how to sell my Vistana timeshare.” This is a pretty standard backup plan for owners who did not qualify for rescission.

The issue is when owners think about selling, they’re still under the impression their timeshares were a “good investment.” We first want to point out that there is no official resale market for timeshares, making them a real pain to get rid of. Second, almost every timeshare depreciates immediately once purchased. We’ve seen cases as extreme as values dropping by 90%!

And there are many reports of timeshare resale scams online. Numerous owners mention online that they would be bombarded with resale companies’ calls and emails, claiming they can sell their timeshare. Out of desperation, many owners hired the same resale companies to learn they robbed them of all their money. We can’t stress this enough. Selling Visanta timeshares or any timeshare is not an easy task. You have to navigate it very carefully, just like any route you take in the timeshare industry. To learn more about timeshare resale scams, click here.

Vistana Timeshare Cancellation

 Rescission didn’t go as planned? Selling didn’t work out either? That’s OK. You still have options!

Our team believes the most legitimate way you will cancel a Vistana timeshare is by doing so legally. Hiring a reputable timeshare exit company that works directly with timeshare attorneys is the best option you can take for a Vistana timeshare cancellation.

You signed a legally binding document, which can last throughout your lifetime in some contracts. The best way to get out of a Vistana contract is by doing so the right way. Think about it, what’s better than hiring a team full of timeshare experts to work vigorously on your case? An experienced team of experts who have the assistance of qualified timeshare attorneys.

But remember, just because a company poses to work with attorneys does not mean you are safe from an exit scam. You should still avoid anyone who tries to charge you up-front fees without a guarantee. Unfortunately, there are many scams in the timeshare cancellation industry. If your head is not on a swivel, you could be their next target!

Our team only recommends exit companies with no up-front fees and offers an escrow payment option, so you stay protected from a timeshare exit scam. To see a list of companies we have reviewed, click here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, when it comes to a Vistana timeshare cancellation, do not worry because you have options. Our team has come across many online reviews mentioning how most Vistana timeshare owners were misled when attending a sales presentation. Although they were a very unpleasant experience, the good news is your misrepresentations can be used to build a strong case against your resort.

We started this review site to increase your awareness when dealing with timeshare developers and timeshare exit companies. Read over our website, fill out the form on the right, or initiate a Live Chat with us for a free personalized exit consultation. Our team will help connect you with a timeshare exit company with no up-front fees until your timeshare contract is cancelled. There are hundreds of timeshare scams every year. Protect yourself from becoming another victim! Click here to get started now.

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