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Since the first revealing of its first property in 1984, Palace Resorts has set up a variety of luxurious resorts in Mexico’s most notable vacation destinations and shockingly in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

11 sumptuous resorts situated in regions like Cancun, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya make up the Palace Resorts get-away organization. Despite your way of life, over the long haul, possessing a timeshare just may not suit you and your family’s necessities any longer. With ceaseless upkeep charges that keep on increasing, now more than ever you’re looking for an exit plan!

On the off chance that you felt like you were misdirected or sold something not valuable to you or your family, we suggest you start a Live Chat or fill out the free form on the right. Our team can review your case and decide the best accessible choice for you to exit your agreement.

Palace Resorts Vacation Club

The Palace Resorts Vacation Club works with yearly time allotments that grant mind blowing accessibility and convenience for tip top individuals and their visitors.

You can visit all of the eleven Palace Resorts and Hark Rock Hotels and Casinos. Every area, season, and unit is open. The most extreme limit of this pack grants mind blowing exhaustive get-aways in the center of Mexico, giving all individuals, beverages, and delight.

Dependent upon the retreat at which you purchase or lease, you’ll get the opportunity to see the value in golf, tennis, pools, shows, spas, yoga, Pilates and that’s just the beginning!

Is Palace Resorts a Good Investment?

Is Palace Resorts a wise investment? Except if you’re willing to burn through large number of dollars on something you actually don’t claim, then, at that point the appropriate response is no.

The fact of the matter is numerous timeshare proprietors are uninformed of what they’re pursuing. Numerous Palace Resorts timeshare proprietors have griped about high-pressure deals strategies and being misdirected. A few grievances have uncovered the number of proprietors were misled in any event, when they joined.

Palace Resorts Class Action Lawsuit

Palace Resorts has had quite a history with their involvement in several lawsuits. Most recently on March 18, 2020. Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals dismissed an application by Palace Resorts Inc. to move a wrongful death case from Miami to Mexico.

In March 2014, Joseph Chacko was killed in altercation with another guest on the grounds of the resort. Joseph informed his wife that he was heading to Noir a nightclub at the resort. That is when he was killed in a violent assault by another guest in the Moon Palace Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.

Rescission Laws

Did you as of late buy a Palace Resorts timeshare? Then you will want to act soon! The rescission law is a very time sensitive task.

Commonly, a rescission period can last 3-14 days, on occasion even 30 days. However, everything depends upon the state rescission laws you made your up-front investment.

On the off chance that you’re questionable of the length of your rescission period, our team recommends you explore your state rescission laws. This doesn’t mean the state where you live in! We mean the state rescission laws of the area of your timeshare. Understanding this could save you thousands in case you get it on time!

Typically you should mail in a written cancellation letter. We recommend purchasing expedited mail to avoid any issues. A few extra dollars could save you tons in exiting costs! Click here to learn more about rescission.

How to Sell a Palace Resorts Timeshare

In the event that you’re considering how to sell a Palace Resorts timeshare, there a couple of things you should know first. Exactly when you buy a timeshare, the value deteriorates almost instantly.

In the event that the sales rep mentioned to you your Palace Resorts timeshare would increase in value, unfortunately, they have lied. We suggest you google timeshares or go on or to see what we mean. You will see most timeshares are recorded for as low as $1. What’s more, you might need to pay extra on top of any current costs while exchanging. But ask yourself, if someone is posting their timeshare for $1, why might anybody need to buy your timeshare for almost the original cost?

In specific states, laws are set for realtors in which they can’t express that a timeshare is real estate property. If your agent referenced to you that you were buying that day was a real estate property, then, sadly, they have lied.

Timeshares aren’t anything like real estate. In a common real estate venture, you ought to get a month to month easy revenue. Tragically, with timeshares, you are paying yearly and month to month charges. Doesn’t seem like a real estate investment, right?

Selling a Palace Resort timeshares can be exhausting. Which is why we say the best way to exit a timeshare, is in every case legitimately. There are different timeshare exit organizations in the cancellation industry, and picking the right one can be overwhelming.

Trustworthy timeshare exit organizations commonly have lawyers that look for deceptions or stipulations in your agreement. As a rule, they will ask you different requests on what was said to you and how you were treated during the timeshare presentation. Other exit organizations may charge you up-front, and not many timeshare exit organizations offer an escrow payment option.

We propose working with an organization with no up-front charges and offers an escrow so you stay protected. The FTC and the BBB have cautioned timeshare owners against paying up-front to leave their timeshare contracts.

At the point when you work with an organization that requires no money up front, this kills practically all the risk of turning into a victim of a timeshare exit scam. Dive deeper into why escrow is fundamental. There are different stunning stories of timeshare owners defrauded out of thousands of dollars with paying up-front fees. Lamentably, a part of these stunning stories came from Palace Resort timeshare owners. Click here to read more about timeshare exit scams.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, timeshares are not the best investment. There not an investment at all! So if you’re looking for how to get rid of Palace Resorts timeshare, do it fast!

Timeshares can be financially and mentally draining. Ridiculously high maintenance fees and limited booking dates will make your timeshare feel more like a burden. And increased levels of stress and fatigue from a “vacation club” are just not worth it.

Our review site aims to help you get a closer look at how timeshare exit companies operate and benefit your situation. We only recommend reputable timeshare exit companies with no up-front fees and offer an escrow option, so you stay protected. Contact our team to help you determine if an exit company is qualified to get rid of Palace Resorts timeshare. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation. Learn how you can protect yourself from a timeshare exit scam!

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