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Did you know that the moment you attend a timeshare sales presentation, there’s a twenty percent chance you sign up? According to the Federal Trade Commission, the more you tell the sales rep “NO”, your chances of buying are even higher

Luckily, Wesely Financial Group is there to help you break free from your timeshare contract. With their services, you can ditch your timeshare and move on without all the fuss.

Some company highlights include:

  1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee. And Escrow?
  2. Offers a Free Consultation. Do you trust them?
  3. Experienced Company Leadership.
  4. Positive Online Reputation.

Wesley Financial Group says they can get the job done. But they’ve had their fair share of online complaints as well. So, can you trust them? Can you trust anyone in the timeshare industry?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a fair and honest review of Wesley Financial Group. Our team has compiled an extensive review of WFG and has laid out all the pros and cons associated with the company.

Our goal is to shed some light on just who is Wesley Financial Group and how they operate. Now let’s dig into the company’s specifics and determine if they’re the right exit company for you.

Who is Wesley Financial Group?

Located in Franklin, Tennessee, the company was first established in 2012. Since then they’ve opened offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Las Vegas. WFG has managed to become one of the biggest timeshare exit companies in the industry.

The company promises to help customers cancel their timeshare contracts and provide relief from stressful monthly payments. According to their website, Wesley Financial Group has a “100% success rate when it comes to canceling timeshare contracts or your money back”.

Wesley Financial Group’s primary focus is to help customers cancel their timeshare contracts. The company employs a team of exit specialists who work together to achieve this goal.

WFG confirmed that over 300 employees worked for them in 2020. And the company states it has assisted more than 20,000 timeshare owners with their timeshare contracts. But they have also accumulated several negative reviews and complaints from those very timeshare owners.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with Wesley Financial Group.

Wesley Financial Group Suspension

Update February 2024

Wesley Financial Group resolved the suspension with the BBB but is not yet accredited by them. We will update this section when the BBB has fully accredited the company.

Suspension: On 10/01/2019, this company’s BBB Accreditation was suspended due to engaging in activities reflecting poorly on the BBB or its members. The BBB’s Board of Directors will review this matter at its next meeting.


Wesley Financial Group Reviews

If you’ve watched Wesley’s ads, you’ve likely heard them brag about employing 300+ people and assisting 20,000+ timeshare owners.

Wesley Financial Group has grown a lot since it started as an exit company. What’s even more impressive is how it has stayed strong in the cancellation industry. Even amidst its negative history with the Better Business Bureau. So how did Wesley accumulate so many positive reviews since those continuous months of complaints?

The answer is quite simple. Wesley Financial Group has a strong social media presence and takes its online reputation very seriously. The company has an entire team dedicated to responding to reviews, both positive and negative. They actively respond to every single review that customers leave about their company, whether good or bad.

This is a good way to deal with reviews and complaints. It shows that Wesley is ready to take responsibility and fix things for its customers.

Wesley also encourages its customers to leave reviews on popular platforms like Google and Trustpilot. And they offer an incentive for doing so. Customers who leave a review enter a monthly drawing to win a $500 Visa gift card.

Although Wesley has had some issues with the Better Business Bureau in the past, it has managed to maintain an A+ rating.

However, businesses must follow a strict set of guidelines and principles to earn accreditation from the BBB. The BBB expects its members to handle customer complaints promptly and satisfactorily, maintaining a higher standard.

The accreditation board has currently suspended Wesley Financial Group because it has not yet met these standards.

Wesley Financial Group’s Website

Whether you search:

  • “Wesley Financial Group”
  • “icanceltimeshares.com,”
  • or “timesharecancellations.com,”

You’ll end up at the same place: Wesley Financial Group’s Website.

The website of the Wesley Financial Group is attractive, and one feature that sticks out is the emphasis on its CEO. According to them, the CEO filed a lawsuit against Wyndham. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Wyndham is a major timeshare developer.

Upon further research, we discovered that their CEO, Chuck McDowell, won the lawsuit due to a lack of trade secrets disclosure. The website often shows how Chuck always fights for the customer, which is great if you’re thinking of using this company. Moreover, the website looks trustworthy and polished; it’s painless to navigate as well. Wesley Financial Group guarantees satisfaction by resolving your timeshare issue and saving you from pricey legal expenses.

Our team’s first impression was their website, which included the company’s credentials and a free consultation form to contact them. A Wesley Financial Group agent will contact you. They will guide you through the process and help you decide if their services are right for you. This is a good start since you may speak with someone right away and learn more about the firm.

To start, potential clients fill out a form with basic contact information. They will ask questions to understand your situation and decide if you qualify for their services. They will ask about the amount you paid for your timeshare, the remaining balance, and the remaining vacation time you have. If qualified, they will reach out to discuss the next steps.

Clicking on the “Our Process” page takes you to an overview of how Wesley’s process works. Although it provides a general understanding, there are few details included about what exactly happens during each step.

From what we could gather, step one is the free consultation. Next, they analyze your situation and begin negotiating with the developers. The final step is permanently canceling your timeshare contract.

There are a lot of steps in this approach, and we’d have liked to know more about how they work and what you can expect throughout the process.

Furthermore, we would have preferred a more thorough description of why someone would utilize this approach. Rather than going through the courts/lawsuits and incurring significant expenses.

Still, our team was able to collect whatever information we could and break it down below.

How Does Wesley Financial Group Work?

The processing period for Wesley Financial Group is generally about 6-18 months to cancel your timeshare agreement. It also varies depending on the timeshare developer. Sometimes it can take more than 18 months, so give correct details when you talk to someone.

If you’re a timeshare owner interested in getting help, the process begins when you fill out WFG’s free consultation form. The form has spaces for your contact details and to write your timeshare developer’s name and location. Being precise about your developer is crucial for their prompt assistance.

In the next step, you will need to answer:

  1. How much debt do you still owe on your timeshare?
  2. What amount was your timeshare originally purchased for?
  3. How many vacation weeks are still available?

Now is the right moment to jot down any additional costs or financial obligations related to purchasing a timeshare. After you complete and submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Step 2 is the account review with a designated Account Director. A team member will contact the owner to help them decide if Wesley Financial Group is right for them.

Wesley Financial Group Free Consultation

Wesley Financial Group offers a free consultation to check if you qualify for their help based on your situation.

A greedy exit company would take on any case that came their way and try to charge up-front without knowing the situation. We admire WFG’s effort here to evaluate each case carefully. This also demonstrates how selective WFG is with its customers.

If you want to cancel your timeshare with Wesley Financial Group, you may wonder what happens during a free consultation. In a free meeting, you can talk to someone from Wesley Financial Group about your timeshare problem.

Here’s what you can expect and what you should ask during your consultation:

What to Expect:

During your consultation, the rep will ask about your timeshare deal and why you want to cancel it. They will also explain the timeshare cancellation process and the fees associated with their services. You can also ask any questions about Wesley Financial Group or the process of canceling your timeshare.

What to Ask:

It’s important to come prepared with questions to ask during the consultation. Some questions you may want to ask include the following:

  • What is the success rate of Wesley Financial Group in canceling timeshares?
  • What is the timeframe for canceling a timeshare?
  • What are the fees associated with the cancellation process?
  • Are there any risks or drawbacks to using Wesley Financial Group for timeshare cancellation?
  • How does the 100% money-back guarantee work?

You can receive a free consultation with Wesley Financial Group. During this consultation, you will learn about timeshare cancellation. Additionally, you can determine if their services are suitable for your needs.

By asking the right questions and being prepared, you can make an informed decision about your timeshare situation. We can help you prepare on what to ask and how to avoid being overcharged.

Offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

As our team continued to review the company’s website, we noticed in big, bold letters “Guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation.” This statement led our team to find that Wesley Financial Group offers a 100% Guarantee or your money back. This means that if they can’t cancel your timeshare, you get a full refund.

Not every company in the industry will give you your money back if they fail to deliver on their promise. Wesley Financial Group seems confident in its ability to cancel contracts and is willing to put its money where its mouth is. And from what we’ve seen on their marketing expenses, WFG seems very capable of funding its money-back guarantee.

No Escrow

We would have preferred if the company had Escrow. The 100% Money-Back Guarantee is helpful if the company you want to hire can cancel your timeshare successfully.

A reputable company will have secured financial assets to ensure its clients receive a refund. This might be a cheaper option as you usually have to pay an extra fee for the Escrow payment choice.

But paying up-front fees is extremely risky. We understand that most of the timeshare exit companies in the industry charge an upfront fee. This is to ensure that they are being compensated for the work they will put in to cancel your contract. And we know that Wesley Financial Group is no different as they also charge an upfront fee.

Paying thousands of dollars up-front before canceling your timeshare is the #1 leading cause of a timeshare exit scam. If a company is legitimate, it shouldn’t have any trouble securing the funds needed to cancel your timeshare through an escrow company.

Some companies, such as Wesley Financial Group, will claim that using an escrow company will delay the process. We believe this is an excuse to not use one. A reputable exit company should be able to work around this obstacle.

Wesley Financial Group Maintenance Fee Calculator

Wesley Financial Group has a “maintenance fee calculator” so owners can break down inflated maintenance costs.

We appreciate WFG for teaching us that maintenance fees often go up. The truth is, the salespeople who sold you the timeshare probably didn’t explain this well when you signed the contract. Exit companies that share information with the public are usually trustworthy.

The calculator can help you see how much you’re actually paying for your timeshare. We like this because it allows customers to see if they’re getting what they paid for. Wesley Financial Group is one of the few companies we’ve seen with this type of feature on its website

Company Backed by CEO

Another point that stood out to our team is the emphasis Wesley Financial Group puts on its CEO – Chuck McDowell.

According to WFG, Chuck fights for the consumer. When a CEO fully supports a company, it shows they trust and believe in it. This is a good sign because it means the CEO is willing to risk their reputation for the company.

On the company’s website, you can find a picture and a short bio of Chuck McDowell. He is also very active on social media, which is another great way to see if a company is reputable. A CEO who is transparent and willing to communicate with their customers is always a good sign.

Wesley Financial Group Video Testimonials

WFG has video testimonials of past customers’ experiences with the company. Also, the company gives genuine feedback through video testimonials instead of written reviews.

Watch these video testimonials to hear past clients share their experiences working with Wesley Financial Group.

We love the videos on this page because they appear to be more genuine. They aid in the creation of trust by displaying that actual people were successful with their service. Clients feel reassured that if they cancel their timeshare with Wesley Financial Group, they will get a similar outcome.

Wesley Financial Group also has a dedicated page for Trustpilot ratings and reviews. Showing reviews from different sources builds trust with potential customers by providing a genuine and reliable image.

Wesley Financial Group Does Not Use Attorneys

We found out that Wesley does not employ attorneys or hire them in their cancellation procedure. They send letters on your behalf to bargain with your developer to have the contract canceled.

When you hire Wesley Financial Group, they do not have an obligation to your developer. They act as a third-party consultant, connecting all communications between you and the developer. You are giving Wesley Financial Group the authority to cancel your timeshare but without the Attorney part.

When choosing a timeshare cancellation company, keep in mind that they all have different ways of operating. Research various businesses thoroughly so that you can identify which will serve you best.

Not many people are willing to pay a lot of money upfront for a company to just write letters for them. Oddly, a business can represent you in court with just a letter, without help from a skilled lawyer.

This may be true for some contracts, but many are quite complicated and non-negotiable. Having a good lawyer can help you obtain the best deal and safeguard yourself from potential issues in your timeshare contract. These issues could potentially lead to trouble in the future.

If you’re thinking of WFG, we recommend that you continue reading our Wesley Financial Group review. To see whether Wesley Financial Group is the right exit firm for you, start a live chat and fill out the free form on the right.

What Disqualifies you from Working with WFG?

  • Do not take on travel clubs. Strictly timeshares.
  • Cannot take on timeshares that were purchased through a resale market.
  • Timeshares inherited from a family member or friend do not qualify as well.

Our team believes that hiring a timeshare attorney is the most legitimate way to get rid of your timeshare. They add an extra layer of protection while you try to cancel your “legally binding” timeshare contract. Contact our team if you have questions or concerns before working with any exit companies that do not utilize attorneys so we can help you get the matter clarified.

Cost & Fees

Wesley Financial Group Fees

If you’re searching for how much these services will cost you, you’re off to a great start! Online reviews are a great source of information that can give you an idea of how much your timeshare cancellation will cost you.

There is no information on Wesley Financial Group fees online like most exit companies. This is common due to the variety of resorts and agreements that exist. The exit company will need to evaluate your situation first before they can give you a price on how much this is all going to cost.

Some timeshares are simpler to cancel than others. If you still owe a mortgage balance, this can drive your exit costs up compared to paying in full.

Timeshare exit companies usually charge less for a fully paid timeshare. The fee can change based on the type of ownership you have: deeded property, points-based ownership, or fractional ownership. Even within the same developer, fees can differ based on the type of ownership.

Please be aware that you may need to pay additional fees, which will depend on the process required for your case. These might include court costs, title searches, and notary services. Make sure to ask the company how much their total bill will be from the start so that there are no surprises later on.

After reading numerous consumer reviews, we determined Wesley Financial Group’s fees can run anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000. Their prices are relatively similar to those of their competitors in the timeshare exit industry. And they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on top of that. But, past complaints have revealed this guarantee isn’t bulletproof.

Wesley Financial Group also has a high rating with Dun & Bradstreet. But Dun & Bradstreet rates the financial health of companies all over the world. A good D&B rating indicates the company’s ability to repay its guarantee. However, it does not guarantee that they will provide a refund.


Wesley Financial Group Ratings

Update February 2024 

Wesley Financial Group’s BBB page has an “A+” rating and a 4.6/5-star rating out of 806 reviews.

The company lost its BBB accreditation in Nov 2019, damaging its reputation for not meeting its standards. They revoked this suspension, but they still do not have accreditation.

Aside from the BBB, the company also has a 4.6/5-star rating out of 1,182 reviews on Trustpilot. And a 4.5/5 – star rating out of 1,252 Google reviews.

The company has a strong positive presence on all platforms. Many online Wesley Financial Group reviews from past clients reveal that the company honors its 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This stood out to our team since not every exit company can do this.

We ideally want our clients to pay no up-front fees because we understand timeshares can be expensive. However, we did not find any known Wesley Financial Group scam after careful review. We found a few customer reviews on the Wesley Financial Group BBB page that claimed to have not received their refund.

WFG also has 9 reviews on Yelp with a 2/5-star rating. This was disturbing for our team.

Every now and then, you’ll receive a few bad reviews. It’s challenging and not credible for a business to have 100% positive reviews.

But we don’t understand why some reviews speak highly of WFG, yet rate them 0-stars. Maybe they forgot to input their rating? Or was this a failed attempt by Wesley to boost their ratings? We’ll let you be the judge.

Wesley Financial Group Lawsuit

On March 2nd, 2022, Westgate Resorts sued Wesley. The judge, Aleta A. Trauger, decided in favor of Westgate. The decision shows that Wesley’s marketing claims are not true and reveal their actual business practices. The court’s findings are about Wesley’s whole business model, not just one transaction.

Wyndham Destinations filed a lawsuit against Wesley Financial Group, Wesley Credit Repair, and Chuck McDowell on January 31, 2022. This was regarding alleged violations of the Lanham Act.

Shutts & Bowen says Wesley Financial Group lies about helping timeshare owners cancel their contracts. The case is 6:21-cv-02106, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. et al v. Wesley Financial Group, LLC et al.

Diamond Resorts filed a lawsuit against Wesley Financial Group for not helping the timeshare owners they claim to protect. According to Diamond, Wesley drove timeshare owners into financial jeopardy and foreclosure.

CEO – Chuck McDowell had something else to say about the matter.

He said Diamond is targeting him instead of the company and using his past money problems to make him seem untrustworthy. Diamond is currently on a legal campaign to expose “all timeshares exit companies.” So, Wesley is not the only exit company on their hit list.

On March 2, 2021, Wesley Financial Group filed another lawsuit against Westgate Resorts. Westgate claims Wesley’s certifications are not real and says they don’t have a valid way to achieve what they say.

(M.D. Tenn. Deface. 2, 2021)

Wesley searches for dismissal of Count III of the Amended Complaint about Injunctive Relief and Damages. This avows encroachment of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act of 1977.

In an episode of the Dave Ramsey Show, aired on May 20, 2021, Dave mentioned how Diamond Resorts might be going after lawyers who protect consumers. According to Dave, this could be because they’re trying to run their competition out of business! If Diamond Resorts wins its lawsuits, it could become the only company in the industry and control everything. But this is just a theory for now.

While it may at first appear that Diamond Resorts is working to eliminate the competition, we should not assume they are also trying to protect their owners from scam timeshare exit companies.

We hope the case goes to trial to learn how large-scale companies operate and have more transparency in the process.

Whichever side you believe, we recommend you still reach out to us to help you determine the best exit company for you!

Final Thoughts

Is Wesley Financial Group Legit?

Wesley Financial Group helped many people get rid of timeshares, erasing $450 million in debt with 30,000 terminations. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a free timeshare exit info kit.

But is Wesley Financial Group legit? Despite legal challenges and high fees, the company has still successfully assisted many individuals in disposing of their timeshares. Their personalized customer care and helpful resources like FAQs and horror stories make the process as transparent as possible.

WFG claims that it doesn’t take on just anybody. In fact, according to the firm, around forty percent of those who apply don’t make it past the consultation phase! But what they leave out is whether it’s the business or the owner who makes that decision.

Here their team will collect all the needed information. Next, they’ll use their research to review your account. After that, they will create a plan to help you exit your timeshare contract.

The Company’s Resolution Department transfers customers who pass the Account Review phase. If the client needs financial assistance, they will refer them to a “cancellation expert.” This expert will assist the owners in canceling their timeshare and repaying any outstanding debts.

Typically, parties negotiate a settlement. Unfortunately, the WFG Resolution Department isn’t very open about how their process works. At least in terms of online transparency.

Wesley Financial Group doesn’t offer escrow payment, but they do have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee in writing.

This means that you must pay them upfront rather than WFG receiving money after they have completed the work.

A safer choice is to use a timeshare exit company that works with lawyers and provides escrow services. Our team always says, why take the risk of paying up-front fees when legitimate companies that offer escrow exist? Sometimes cutting corners to save a few extra bucks can turn out more expensive if you’re not careful!

Wesley Financial Group Success Rate: Fact or Fiction?

Wesley Financial Group cancels timeshare contracts with a high success rate. But is this success rate fact or fiction?

Wesley Financial Group has canceled 30,000 timeshares, removing $450 million in timeshare mortgage debt, as stated on their website. These numbers suggest a high success rate in timeshare cancellation. Additionally, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee for their services, indicating their confidence in successfully canceling timeshares.

Success rates can differ based on the person’s timeshare contract and situation. Wesley Financial Group is mostly successful, but it can’t guarantee canceling every timeshare contract.

Also worth mentioning is that Wesley Financial Group has faced legal challenges, including lawsuits and high fees. Before using the company’s services, it’s crucial to research and understand the risks. These issues don’t necessarily prove the company is fake or unsuccessful.

Overall, Wesley Financial Group’s success rate appears based on real numbers and satisfied customer reviews. However, it’s important to approach any timeshare exit company with caution and thoroughly research their services before deciding. We can help by identifying your situation and recommending an ideal exit company for your situation.

Wesley Financial Group or Do It Yourself?

Overall, Wesley Financial Group achieves success based on real numbers and satisfied customer reviews.

However, it’s important to approach any timeshare exit company with caution and thoroughly research their services before deciding. We can help by identifying your situation and recommending an ideal exit company for your situation.

Deciding to liberate yourself from the constraints of a timeshare contract is a significant duty. If you’re looking into timeshare exit options, you might be thinking about Wesley Financial Group as a choice.

Even though the company has earned respect and trust, timeshare owners should personally handle the timeshare exit. This is because there are often cheaper and more effective alternatives.

Wesley Financial Group, like any company, comes with its own set of pros and cons. Good reviews of Wesley Financial Group often mention their success in helping people cancel timeshares.

However, it’s equally important to consider potential drawbacks, as explored in “Wesley Financial Group bad reviews.” Understanding both sides helps people make informed choices that consider their situation and have a balanced perspective.

One common question that arises is, “Is Wesley Financial Group legit?” The answer is yes; Wesley Financial Group is a legitimate company with a proven track record.

One significant advantage of handling the cancellation process personally is the potential cost savings. Researching “Wesley Financial Group timeshare cancellation cost” may reveal that professional services come with a hefty price tag. By opting for a do-it-yourself approach, timeshare owners can avoid these costs and allocate resources more efficiently.

Understanding the legal aspects of timeshare cancellations is essential. Wesley Financial Group has experts to help with complex matters, but individuals can also learn about laws. This knowledge empowers timeshare owners to navigate the legal landscape, potentially eliminating the need for external assistance.

A crucial step in this process is thoroughly examining the timeshare contract. Identify any potential loopholes, inconsistencies, or breaches of contract that may strengthen the case for cancellation. Examining closely is important in DIY and can be better than depending only on outside companies.

In exploring alternatives, it’s important to consider the Better Business Bureau (BBB) standing of Wesley Financial Group. A search for “Wesley Financial Group BBB” will reveal the company’s accreditation, rating, and any reported complaints. A BBB rating demonstrates reliability, but they have not reinstated their accreditation in over 5 years.

Wesley Financial Group succeeded in timeshare cancellation, but doing it yourself is still a good and cheaper choice.

Click here to learn about timeshare contract loopholes, and how to avoid professional service costs.


Who Owns Wesley Financial Group?

  • Wesley Financial Group, LLC is a private company owned by founder and CEO Chuck McDowell.

Where is Wesley Financial Group Located?

  • Wesley Financial Group is based in Franklin, Tenn., and has offices in Nashville, Tenn., and Las Vegas.

Wesley Financial Group Operating Days/Hours

  • Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, though there are a few agents who will work up until 8 p.m.

What is the Contact Information for Wesley Financial Group?

  • Address:9009 Carothers Parkway, Franklin, TN 37067

Final Thoughts

The timeshare industry can sometimes be like searching for a grain of salt at the beach. It can be tough to find which exit company is reputable. Wesley Financial Group has a strong positive presence in terms of online reviews.

Our main worry was that the company doesn’t have escrow or use timeshare attorneys when canceling. We only recommend exit companies with no up-front fees and offer an escrow option.

Therefore, we cannot recommend Wesley Financial Group.

We encourage you to contact our team first if you have any questions or concerns. If you want to find a trustworthy exit company, fill out the form or chat with us for a free consultation. Learn how you can protect yourself from a timeshare exit scam!

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July 14, 2023

With all the bells and whistles, polished video of success story, totally disillusioned. We started the process in early 2022, paid our money, and basically at the end of the day, WE were required to send the emails, make the calls, etc. Not only that, but the advisor assigned us, writing inept (likely High School level), because I had to wordsmith everything. Not only that, she missed the BBB deadline!!! I know this, because I was the one to have to check it.

Save your money, write the BBB yourself, if you feel the need. But first write and work with the Timeshare people, and just pay the administrative fee.

So, not only could I have done with work COMPLETELY myself (oh, wait I did), and just paid the exit admin fee (which they said they would try to get us not to have to pay). They are literally no better than the Timeshare bate/switch. At least we expect that from the Timeshare people, but not “lawyers” — oh, wait… nevermind!

Matthew M

Thank You!

Rated 4.0 out of 5
February 9, 2021

Very helpful in making a tough situation better …. Thank You

Rob S.

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