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Vacation Ownership Consultants

Vacation Ownership Consultants, also known as Vacation Ownership Consultant LLC, is a timeshare exit company who just might be able to solve your problems. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, the company has 6 years in the industry, dating back to its establishment in 2014.

At first glance, they have a unique website designed that is equipped with essential information to distinguish itself from its competitors. One thing that stood out was how the company showcases so many informative videos. They not only describe how the company operates but also mention educational tips for its viewers.

If you’re looking for a fair and honest review, look no further. Our team has compiled an in-depth review filled with many pros and cons. It is to give our readers better insight into how this brand operates. We believe every timeshare owner should know a couple of tips before working with any exit company. Initiate a live chat or fill out our free consultation form to learn more.


Vacation Ownership Consultants Reviews

Overall, Vacation Ownership Consultants reviews are positive. They are rated on all platforms, which is a good sign that they are reputable. Our team always recommends experienced exit companies that have a strong positive presence on multiple platforms.

As our team reviewed the Vacation Ownership Consultant’s website, we saw a few things that stood out to us. What stood out first to our team is their free consultation form. The company offers a free consultation for interested owners looking to exit their timeshare. They also mention a 100% success rate if they accept your case.

Our team admires this from VOC because it demonstrates how selective they are with the cases they decide to take on. A company that advertises a 100% success rate and tries to take on every case that comes their way is most likely a scam. You should avoid exit companies who are greedy and try to charge you up-front without knowing if they’re even qualified to handle your case.

Vacation Ownership Consultants also linked a video to their homepage by the free consultation form. As the video transitions, Brian mentions how timeshares are a life-long burden and how some options (such as selling or renting) aren’t always the best choice. Brian does a great job describing how draining increasing maintenance fees can be. In some cases can be passed down to future generations if nothing is done. Our team agrees with this statement. If nothing is done, a lifetime of increasing maintenance fees is an absolute nightmare.

Another character who’s brought in, Barbara, points out VOC’s credentials on various platforms and provides a little insight into their cancellation process. Below this video is the various review websites Barbara mentioned such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We admire an exit company that has such positive feedback on all platforms because it demonstrates evidence that the company really is who they say they are.

In this video, VOC Vacation Ownership Consultants also mentions how they use an “attorney-based” process to help you get out of your timeshare. In other words, this means the company uses attorneys in its cancellation process. Attorneys can force timeshare developers into canceling your contract. Having a timeshare attorney on your side is not only a +1 for adding an extra layer of protection, but their reassurance can truly give you a peace of mind.

A timeshare cancellation process can be very nerve-racking. You’ve just been scammed out of thousands of dollars with the resort. Now you have to pay more of your hard-earned money to exit this thing? The best option you can take to cancel your timeshare contract is by doing so legally with the right team on board.

Vacation Ownership Consultants explain their process at the bottom of the homepage in 6 steps. Steps 1 and 2 consist of the company trying to “exhausting your available options” before discussing billing information or involving an attorney, such as looking for a rescission period in your contract. Steps 3 and 4 determine if you qualify for their services and quoting you on a price. Our team always mentions that you should try negotiating the price for a better deal with any exit company. It doesn’t hurt to try and can only benefit you!

Steps 5 and 6 consist of enrolling you into their ‘VOC Service’ with their legal team reaching out to you. The company will then keep you updated with their ‘online portal’ and inform you when they’ve officially helped you out of your timeshare contract.

Another interesting addition to the company’s website is VOC’s maintenance fee calculator. With so many special assessment fees, annual maintenance fees, and let’s not forget interest rates; well, it’s no wonder so many owners are confused about how much they’re paying the resorts. Vacation Ownership Consultants does a great job by adding a simple, instant result fee calculator to their website that anyone could use. Once you enter your billing information, the calculator gives you a year-by-year breakdown of your costs over 20 years. Any company that is willing to go the extra mile to help owners assess their current situation is a positive sign.

Overall, VOC Vacation Ownership Consultants have a similar process to their competitors. Our team did not see anything out of the ordinary with how they operate. We have not mentioned yet how the company has a review page filled with video testimonials of their past clients describing their experiences with the company. Our team prioritizes video testimonials because it shows the authenticity versus written reviews, which anyone could draft up.

Our team did want to point out that Vacation Ownership Consultants does not offer an escrow payment option or advertise a 100% money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, there are numerous scams in the timeshare industry. The most common scams come from timeshare exit companies who promise they can help you get rid of your timeshare, try to collect up-front fees, but have no evidence to back up their claims. Do your due diligence and review each timeshare exit company before working with them! Or reach out to our team by initiating a live chat or filling out our free consultation form so we can help you determine if an exit company is reputable.

Vacation Ownership Consultants

Cost & Fees

Vacation Ownership Consultants Cost

Vacation Ownership Consultant’s costs are not mentioned online. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here. When it comes to the timeshare cancellation industry exit fees are determined after you’ve had a consultation with the company.  According to VOC, fees depend on the complexity of your timeshare contract. There are numerous resorts in the world, and there are even more timeshare owners. Each one signed a different timeshare contract, meaning each case will vary.

Our team agrees with this statement. After reading through various customer reviews on the BBB and Trustpilot, we have concluded Vacation Ownership Consultant’s costs run from $3000-$6000. This is a standard range in the timeshare cancellation industry. Most exit companies charge $4,000-$10,000.


Vacation Ownership Consultants Ratings

As of January 2021, the Vacation Ownership Consultants BBB has an “A+” rating with a 4.99/5-star rating out of 71 customer reviews. Vacation Ownership Consultants also has 5-star ratings with 8 reviews on Yelp and 4.9/5-stars with Trustpilot out of 85 reviews.

It doesn’t stop there, on Angie’s List they have a 4.9/5-star rating out of 53 reviews and there are no complaints on the Vacation Ownership Consultants Facebook page. Our team really couldn’t find any Vacation Ownership Consultants complaints anywhere! Below are two recent reviews from two  past clients of Vacation Ownership Consultants:

Vacation Ownership Consultants Vacation Ownership Consultants

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Overall, Vacation Ownership Consultants seem to be a legitimate timeshare exit company. We would have preferred if they offered escrow, let alone a money-back guarantee, but took into consideration that we did not find any Vacation Ownership Consultants scams as well as complaints. We do recommend if anything is said to you that you get it in writing however, you don’t want to rely on verbal promises.

There are numerous timeshare scams every year. Contact our team so we can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is reputable. We recommend exit companies that offer escrow to eliminate any up-front fees. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free customized consultation. Learn more about how you can protect yourself against a timeshare exit scam!

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Rated 4 out of 5
February 10, 2021

VOC is professional and was able to guide us through an unknown process while explaining unfamiliar aspects and provided comfort and assurance. VOC got us out of our timeshare!!



Rated 5 out of 5
February 10, 2021

This company is outstanding! They were so professional and the process was easy. What a huge relief to get this over with. Wish I could give them more than 5 stars!

Harry Noland

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