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US Consumer Attorneys

US Consumer Attorneys (USCA) is a timeshare exit company located in El Cajon, California. They’ve been in business since 2015, giving them just about 6 years in the timeshare cancellation industry.

The company runs many offices throughout the United States and Mexico. The timeshare offices of this company tell their clients they are a licensed law firm. The firm that uses attorneys to cancel your timeshare. If you’re looking for a fair and honest review of US Consumer Attorneys, look no further.

Our team has compiled an in-depth review filled with many pros and cons to give our readers better insight into how This exit company operates. We believe every timeshare owner should know a couple of tips before working with any exit company, initiate a live chat, or fill out our free consultation form to learn more.


US Consumer Attorneys Reviews

US Consumer Attorneys reviews are very mixed. Some of the points mentioned in the US Consumer Attorneys reviews did not add up with what US Consumer Attorneys would advertise. As we clicked the link to their homepage, our team came across a very startling message:

US Consumer Attorneys

If they are no longer accepting clients, this is not a good sign, and unfortunately, it explains a lot from what our team read from many US Consumer Attorneys complaints. A reputable exit company would not shut its doors on timeshare owners who need assistance with canceling their timeshare. Even if they were too busy, a reputable exit company would coordinate with the customer to find a date where they would be available to accept their case. Unfortunately, this is a negative sign and confirms that some of the rather negative US Consumer Attorneys reviews may be true.

US Consumer Attorneys Lawsuit

If you googled ‘US Consumer Attorneys Lawsuit,’ you will find the company has already been involved in quite a few lawsuits. From Diamond Resorts v. US Consumer Attorneys to Wyndham v. US Consumer Attorneys, to lastly Westgate Resorts v. US Consumer Attorneys, it makes you question the company’s business practices.

Similar to the other two cases, Westgate timeshare resort properties accused owners Portner and Sussman of deceiving many timeshare owners of breaching their timeshare agreements illegally. To accomplish this, the company would advertise false statements about the resort on their company site to persuade owners to cancel their timeshare agreements. To learn more about this case, click here.

Cost & Fees

US Consumer Attorneys Cost & Fees​

Similar to their competitors, US Consumer Attorneys fees are not available online. The grounds of the cancellation industry are based on individualized consultations with each timeshare owner.

Each exit company takes into consideration the timeshare developer as well as the details in the timeshare contract. In other words, US Consumer Attorneys’ costs are not determined until after a consultation with one of their specialists.

This is normal. A standard range of exit costs can run from $3,000-$10,000, depending on your situation. One tip we do want to offer is to always negotiate for a better price. When an exit company mentions their “fees vary,” this is an opportunity for you to negotiate a lower fee. It doesn’t hurt to try, and it can only benefit you at the end of the day.


US Consumer Attorneys Ratings

As of January 2021, the US Consumer Attorneys BBB page states the company has a “B” rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a 3.79/5-star rating out of 91 customer reviews. In the last 3 years, the company closed 70 complaints and 44 complaints in the previous 12 months. This is a red flag since it displays a pattern of complaints in the past couple of months.

US Consumer Attorneys did make an effort to resolve most of the complaints. However, the number of unresolved cases continues to grow. Many clients on the US Consumer Attorneys BBB page complain the company has not been responsive and have not cancelled their timeshares for over a few years now.

On their Yelp page, US Consumer Attorneys have 1.5/5-star reviews with only 4 reviews. And there is no US Consumer Attorneys Facebook page or Trustpilot profile. Our team does not recommend an exit company with such a negative presence in online reviews.

Below is a BBB complaint from a past client who never successfully cancelled their timeshare:

US Consumer Attorneys

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Overall, US Consumer Attorneys have been accused of many timeshare exit scams with many negative online reviews. Numerous US Consumer Attorneys BBB complaints revealed how the company did not communicate during the cancellation process once they received up-front payment. As our team always says, communication is crucial when you are looking to cancel your timeshare contract. Wouldn’t you want to know what’s going on with your case? Our team does not recommend hiring US Consumer Attorneys to work on your case.

There are numerous timeshare scams every year. Contact our team so we can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is reputable. We recommend exit companies that offer escrow to eliminate any up-front fees. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free customized consultation. Learn more about how you can protect yourself against a timeshare exit scam!

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Cancellation for Vacations Village at Williamsburg

Rated 1 out of 5
October 17, 2022

August 2017 I completed all paperwork and sent US consumers $4,600.00 to cancel my timeshare. Called several times and sent emails and all I heard was we are taking care of it. Well last week I get a statement from Vacation Village to pay $2,990.97 in assessments, taxes and fees from 2018 to 2022!! Stating that US Consumer Attorney’s is out of business!! Total Rip off and they should be ashamed scamming people of their hard earned money. I am a widow and it will be hard to deal with this!


Diamond Resorts Timeshare complaints

Rated 1 out of 5
September 23, 2022

I listen to the snake oil salesman tell that I could stop paying my timeshare with Diamond Resort for $10,000, I spent every bit of money I had to get out of these two contracts I had due to deaths in the family illness and still no answers from them since 2019. I have called and they always tell the same dam sorry, we are working on them. The money must have been good to them, but their work has been sub par as a company, don’ t know how they are still practicing law, UNBELIVABLE


U/S Consumer Attorneys

Rated 1 out of 5
July 21, 2022

I paid this company 6100 dollars in October 2017 to get me out of a time share with Wyndham. They spent 4 years in litigation and then told me that if I paid Wyndham 13,000 dollar I could get out of my time share. I rejected the offer and they were supposed to continue negotiating with Wyndham but I have not heard anything from them. This situation has knocked my credit score from 830 day down to the 600s.

John Sutton

Disgusted with US CONSUMER ATTYS and Timeshare Scammers

Rated 1 out of 5
March 18, 2022

In November 2019 I paid at least $3000 to cancel my timeshare with WELK RESORTS who also doesn’t hold up their sales pitch. Much like the others have stated, US CONSUMER ATTYS is NOT a firm you would ever want to pay! It is now 2022 & I get the run around plus a Notice of Default!! They are scammers themselves and should be Disbarred from practicing in ALL STATES! I will make every effort to see to this! Starting with the State Bar in Florida where they ran to. They don’t even deserve 1 star!



Rated 1 out of 5
February 10, 2021

We signed up with US Consumer Attorney 2/8/2017 and paid in full $4900.00 with this law firm for help on fraudulent activity with our timeshare in Virginia Beach, VA. NOTHING has been done on our case save a couple of generic letters written to the resort on our behalf. According to contract, we were supposed to be kept in the loop every 90 days which has not happened. I have heard three times in total and the lawyers on my case have been switched twice with the last lawyer no longer active or at least the email is bouncing back now. I keep getting excuses that this is in progress and after seeing everything sent on my behalf, nothing was done on our file. Those generic letters are something I could have written and they did not hold up their end of the bargain as per contract.

James H

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