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Tradebloc is a debt management and relief administrations company that may have the answer for getting you out of your timeshare. Based in Dallas, TX, the company has been doing business beginning around 2018.

Tradebloc offers a broad rundown of credit and debt options for their clients. This rundown of options incorporates Credit Monitoring, Credit Accuracy, Credit and Identity Theft Protection, Debt Settlement, and Contract Cancellation.

Tradebloc Inc. has now fostered a few organizations with its development to advance different services. Yet, with just 3 years in business, will Tradebloc do as they say it will? Or are they just another timeshare exit scam? On the off chance that you are thinking of hiring Tradebloc Inc, we suggest you start a Live Chat with us or finish up the form on the right for a free customized consultation. Our group can assist you with deciding whether an exit company is legitimate. We can likewise assist you with choosing the right company for your present circumstance. Let’s begin.


Tradebloc Inc Website

Tradebloc’s site is short yet thorough. It’s exceptionally proficient yet easy to navigate.

The site offers summarizing but helpful information about their various services, simplifying it to know what’s in store from their possible clients. The ‘About Page’ is a phenomenal spot to begin and dive deeper into the company.

Tradebloc notes here that their administrations incorporate credit checking, credit and fraud security, debt settlement, and timeshare contract cancellation.

There are 2 different sites recorded on the landing page: Tradebloc Travel and Tradebloc Capital. Be that as it may; generally, these destinations offer similar data to the essential site. Apparently, the landing page is the middle for contacting the company by all accounts.

Since various timeshare exit companies will frequently take advantage of people’s desire to eliminate themselves from this weight, this idea allowed us to look even more into the owner and CEO — Tim Clark.

We saw that he undeniably has a background offering the referenced types of assistance. One site supervised by Clark and Tradebloc, travelclubIQ, has different resources for tracking markdown flights and hotels.

There is a genuine interest in giving people the instruments and resources they need to choose savvy monetary commitments, especially concerning travel. Other than that, it’s furthermore incredible to see that their staff is listed entirely in the ‘Our Team Page.’ It shows a degree of straightforwardness that we don’t constantly see with other timeshare exit companies.

In general, the Tradebloc site is an excellent, supportive resource for communicating with this company. Tragically, we didn’t track down any notice of escrow or a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We observed this as a red flag since we never suggest paying anybody up-front fees.

The cancellation time to drop your timeshare contract usually is around 6 – 18 months. It can take longer relying upon a couple of details, for example, your timeshare developer. Tradebloc doesn’t have an escrow option. Let’s say you pay them up-front. What makes you figure they will have that necessity to move quickly to drop your timeshare months from now?

There are many scams in the timeshare exit industry, and numerous timeshare owners have succumbed to one. Therefore, we consistently recommend getting everything recorded as a hard copy. Protect yourself from all angles and never succumb to any verbal promises. To dive deeper into your options, start a Live Chat or finish up the form on the right to decide whether Tradebloc is the right exit company for your circumstance.

Cost & Fees

Tradebloc Cost

Sadly, our group didn’t observe any data on Tradebloc’s cost or fees. One past review referenced you’ll pay solidly about $5,000 for your timeshare cancellation. Yet, this will likely change contingent upon your situation.

At any rate, it’s moderately normal for a timeshare exit company NOT to give details of their fees on the web. This is on the grounds that every circumstance is unique. Along these lines, each cost will shift too. Prices are ordinarily founded on the complexity of the case. Furthermore, whoever you work with should not charge you up-front fees.

For the most part, we recommend working with someone who offers an escrow payment option while dropping your timeshare. This suggests that the individual liable for helping you won’t be paid until you’ve successfully been freed from your timeshare.


Tradebloc Ratings

Update January 2022: The Tradebloc BBB has an “A+ rating.” The reviews on their BBB profile page are prevalently positive, given there are just 19. A couple of client reviews include:

We, in like manner, noticed a couple of reviews on the Tradebloc Facebook page. We were trusting they would give critical data concerning how Tradebloc functions. Sadly, the reviews were just conversations on investments with Tradebloc Capital.

They are very active on their Facebook timeline, reliably giving information associated with being protected from fraud. It seems as though they truly do attempt to find support for financial and credit issues. All of this exhibits they are solid with adequately helping their clients with their debt.

On Google, they have a 5/5-star rating out of 7 surveys.

Sadly, we didn’t observe that the company demonstrates a strong track record in the cancellation industry. It’s too early to tell since they’ve just been around for about 3 years.

How to Select the Right Company

When picking a timeshare exit company that can best help you, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider.

Do they offer an escrow payment option? Or, on the other hand, do they simply attempt to charge up-front? Associations might offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Sadly, our group has seen that this technique doesn’t consistently protect you during the cancellation process. That is because you are still expected to pay the exit company up-front.

What’s more, companies that work with attorneys in some cases might attempt to charge up-front fees on top of legal fees. So, who can you trust? Check out the data companies give that explains what will help them successfully cancel your timeshare.

We recommend reliable timeshare exit companies that offer a no up-front fee escrow payment option. Likewise, they should work with attorneys to drop your timeshare contract. Our group has seen that the #1 reason for timeshare exit scams is when timeshare owners are tricked into paying thousands up-front. To read more about timeshare exit scams and how to stay away from them, click here.

Regardless, look for a timeshare exit company that discusses with legitimate attorneys and offers a protected escrow payment option. We preferably recommend you do NOT pay up-front fees. Furthermore, paying to get out can seem like one more weight too. If Tradebloc filed for bankruptcy, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee would be ineffectual. For an additional layer of protection, hire a company that offers escrow.

Final Thoughts


Who owns Tradebloc Inc?

  • Tradebloc Inc is claimed by its CEO – Tim Clark

Where could Tradebloc Inc Located be?

  • The company’s headquarters is in Dallas, TX.

What is Tradebloc Inc Online Reputation?

  • Tradebloc Inc has a good web-based standing. It has five stars on Google, BBB, and Facebook.
  • However, there aren’t many online reviews in any case.

Is Tradebloc Inc a Scam?

  • Tradebloc Inc doesn’t have every one of the reserves of being a scam. It seems as though the business does what it can to help clients with debt management and credit services.
  • The company was founded in 2018. It could, in any case, be too early to tell.

What is the Contact Information for Tradebloc Inc?

  • Address: 701 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202


Final Thoughts

Tradebloc has all the earmarks of being centered around helping purchasers and making travel open in a way that most timeshares can’t. It’s fortifying to see a company with the degree of straightforwardness that they have. We would say they’re worth researching, accepting that you’re attempting to escape a timeshare and must investigate alternate methods of supporting your credit situation.

Tradebloc appears to be a legitimate company. The company seems to have a decent standing on the web. In any case, a couple of positive reviews are referenced on the sites they are referenced. Assuming that you are hoping to drop your timeshare contract, reach us to check whether Tradebloc can be the best decision for you.

Tragically, our group can’t recommend them. They don’t give insights regarding an escrow payment option or a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We inferred that this implies they charge up-front fees. Paying an exit company up-front has been the #1 driving reason for a timeshare exit scam.

Read our site, fill out the form on the right, or get in touch with us through Live Chat for a free customized consultation. Our group suggests working with reliable timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option, so you pay no up-front fees until your timeshare contract is dropped.

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LAST UPDATED: January 2, 2023

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Rated 3.9 out of 5


Very good11%

Good company

Rated 5 out of 5
December 19, 2022

Hired them to exit HGV. Did pretty much what was promised. I had to call them 2 or 3 times when I had questions and they always waited for me to call. But I got out of my timehare.


Got me out no money back

Rated 3 out of 5
December 18, 2022

they told me to write a review if I am happy. Well I guess I’m happy that I got out from under Marriott, but not so happy I got no money back. $17,000 to Marriott. $3,000 spent trying to sell it. $6,300 to Tradebloc to get out. Marriott is the worst decision I’ve ever made. Why doesn’t the government stop them.

Marcy M.

Not much back but got me out

Rated 5 out of 5
December 18, 2022

I paid 14,000 to get rid of 4 timeshares. I had to pay a “restock” BS fee to resorts which was another 1500 total for the four resorts. then they got me back 4k so i spent 15.5 and got 4 back. not super happy about not getting much back but at lease im done with the 4500 per year in fees so all in all happy with being out just not about loosing so much money i wish someone would tell people TS are a total loss before i bought.

Maria Lippert

Out of my timeshare.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 3, 2022

First of all, I was very leary of doing this since I had been scrwed by two Timeshare Exit companies, but Tradebloc followed through and got me out. I do have complaints though. I thought I only had 2 timeshares when I met with them. Apparently I had 4 when they pulled some reports. This was an additional fee I did not expect. (They said the resort lied when we upgraded multiple times and did not put them together, so I guess they were separate contracts?) If you like talking on the phone they always seem busy. If you like emailing they get back with you immediately. Overall I would say they held up their end of the bargain. They also said 4-6 months to be free from it and now I’m out at a liittle more than 3 months! I did have a $20k+ mortgage that got resolved and did not effect my credit. Would give 4.5 stars.

Elizabeth Tucker

got me out but slow communication

Rated 4 out of 5
June 29, 2022

paid them 13,400 to cancel 3 marriotts and a mortgage. they called me a bunch in the first few weeks then stopped I would call 2-3 times before I would get a call back. finally after about 8 months they emailed me and said I had a settlement offer. I was hoping that meant I was being offered money for the deeds but I was an agreement to release me from the mortgage. and take back the deeds. I had to pay an additional $300 at the end then I got a “rembursment” of $800 with no real explanation as to what that is. but I am now out of marriotts grip and no longer pay the 6k a year in fees or the mortgage.

Samual Parker

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