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Titan Exit Group is a timeshare exit company situated in Costa Mesa, California. First settled in 2019, the company professes to have the answer for your timeshare inconveniences.

Question is, would they say they are correct? It’s difficult to say about a company whose main been in the business for 2 years at this point. While they have all the earmarks of being genuine with these strong assurances, do they truly hold up to their own part of the deal? Keep perusing to find out!


Titan Exit Group Reviews

Online surveys are an incredible method for finding out about how a company functions! You ought to constantly continue them with alert. Titan Exit Group has not very many audits, nonetheless.

On their Better Business Bureau profile, they really do have “A”- rating from the BBB as well as a license. Also the Titan Exit Group Facebook page has 28 5-star surveys. Also, on Google they have a 4.9/5-star rating out of 15 client surveys.

This is a decent beginning, however the company is inadequate in web-based audits. They attempt to compensate for it with a portion of the audits on the Titan Exit Group site. Be that as it may, any timeshare exit company can post up tributes on their own site and assurance they are real.

While we don’t think this prompts them being a trick, we generally alert likely clients to be careful when they decide to contact companies like this. With the shortfall of information about who has the association and who runs it, you have no clue about who will get the phone when you contact them.

You will not understand what you’re getting into, and you could end up losing money or setting yourself experiencing the same thing. Assuming there is no investigation to be done, it is ideal to proceed cautiously until you can gather any extra data.

Cost & Fees

Cost & Fees

There are no notices of any Titan Exit Group cost on the web. With simply a free discussion accessible and no information about their administrations or costs, this doesn’t seem like the most reliable group.

They similarly offer no escrow installment choice which is something we will regularly propose. Escrow safeguards you from a potential exit trick. We lean toward this choice since it considers the exit company responsible to finish the administrations they vowed to do.

This is a huge part that can make likely clients feel more in great hands with the association before they enlist them. It could hurt the business to have their information totally forthright, yet it can similarly keep them away from getting expected clients as by far most would prefer not to go randomly into a conversation. To dive deeper into why escrow is significant, click here.


Titan Exit Group Ratings

Who is Titan Exit Group?

We know they’re a generally new timeshare exit company that was first opened in 2019. Titan Exit Group’s office is situated in Costa Mesa, CA.

Titan Exit Group’s site depicts the company as “enterprise”, and enlistment papers distinguish Mrs. Cimar Scaff as the CEO and Mr. Bruce Rose as Supervisor of the company. Despite the fact that, there’s very little data about both of these individuals’ capabilities.

What Do They Do?

Titan has a 3-pronged way to deal with timeshare exiting:

  • Explore: You’ll be relegated an agent who will be your resource on your case.
  • Advocate: Once a settlement on an exit system has been made, they’ll start work and keep you refreshed during the interaction. Our anxiety is Titan doesn’t make sense of what sort of work they’ll do, so be certain you completely see definitively the thing they’ll do everyday and request confirmation.
  • Resolve: When that heavenly day comes that you are at long last out of your timeshare contract, Titan Exit Group states they’ll “give” you a letter from the designer that liberates you from any further liabilities.

We find this stating fairly hazardous. It’s incredible of them to furnish you with a copy of the engineer’s letter, but we prescribe you return again to your designer to check this yourself. Call them and solicitation that they send you a letter of crossing out moreover. There may be exit companies out there that have faked leave letters for proprietors just escape with all their cash.

Titan Exit Group Website

Our group’s initial feeling of the site is frustrating. It has a comparable design of the regular inferior timeshare exit company with the fundamental stock photographs and a few nonexclusive tributes to help their case.

The it is fairly shabby to hidden attestation. Arbitrary textual styles make up the landing page, alongside awkward stressed words and textboxes. A company’s social presence and picture is colossal in laying out trust in the timeshare business. This generally shouts novice, and their years in business doesn’t help their case.

While we routinely wouldn’t be fussy about the text based style, this isn’t something that we’d prescribe to others as a site that offers legitimate help.

Continuing on, the company makes ensures that they manage everything really, ethically, and until the finish of the cycle. However, as we like to say, “talk is cheap!”

To get to their contact page you want to tap on a little tab that says, ‘how might I get out’, or you can tap the ‘get everything rolling button’ beneath. Regardless this doesn’t make it exceptionally direct for the timeshare proprietor to get in touch with them.

They moreover ensure they were referred to on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN, but we aren’t given anything convincing about how they were referred to or why. Their place of appearance has a video included to give more information about why you would reach out to them and accepting for a moment that you’re exhausted on your apartment you should catch them.

The ‘About Us’ page is a little fragment focused on what they do and how they make it happen, yet it is generally pad and doesn’t give a great deal to portray their business collaboration really.

Accepting for the time being that you’re needing to get more to know Titan Exit Group in their ‘About Us’ page, you won’t find anything steady. For sure, even on their Better Business Bureau page, you’ll simply find their contact information and there’s small to back up their capabilities. We don’t customarily propose timeshare exit companies that have relatively little information about their affirmations on their site or their BBB profile.

They assurance to investigate your case, advocate for the dropping of your arrangement, and a while later they settle the issue for you. Accepting that you are looking for extra information, they show a few their sites on the show page to give you a sneak gander at their ‘Blog’ page.

If you genuinely decide to investigate over to their ‘how might I get out’ page, you won’t get much consequently by the same token. They simply note why someone would get a timeshare and why you ought to discard it. They depict timeshares as money pits that have no resale worth and that it will in general be uncommonly overwhelming to drop one of them. They ensure that they are the clearest chance to get you free from your timeshare contract with next to no issues.

As a rule, the genuine site is disheartening and we could manage without how little information they give. An enormous part of the information open is filler text and doesn’t make them look completely strong. We could credit this to a shortfall of inclusion, yet despite everything, by the day’s end it seems like the real site is on the more delicate completion of the timeshare exit companies we commonly survey.

Final Thoughts

Would they be able to Help all Owners out of their Timeshare Contracts?

  • Titan Exit Group can exit your timeshare through the engineer assuming that your buy depended on fake deceptions during the show.
  • When in doubt, as per Titan Exit Group, they’ll expect somewhere in the range of 6 and a year to liberate you from your timeshare trouble.
  • They notice their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, for what reason couldn’t they? Notwithstanding, seven surveys don’t an accomplished and adored company make. We don’t propose utilizing exit companies that have been around under five years. Here now gone again later exit companies spring up and vanish consistently.
  • They state they won’t pressure you into utilizing their administrations.
  • The expense to utilize Titan Exit Group isn’t uncovered, which is ordinary. Since each timeshare agreement and circumstance contrasts, they won’t provide you a cost estimate until your underlying free meeting.
  • Titan Exit Group isn’t a law office, nor do they have lawyers accessible to you. Drop Timeshare Reviews recommend you either recruit a legal counselor to investigate your agreement prior to marking or inquire as to whether they will give one to do as such.
  • Rather than offering an unconditional promise, Titan Exit Group offers an escrow choice; It’s the business’ just evident assurance that totally safeguards you, the buyer. Additional focuses for this significant assistance. Notwithstanding, this sentence; “To reassure you, we offer expense escrow benefits.” This either implies they charge a charge to utilize their escrow administrations, or they’ve incorrectly spelled the word, free. We’re not totally certain.

Final Thoughts

The site in general is a piece crude yet turns out to be useful data. The way that Titan Exit Group doesn’t offer an escrow installment choice is a worry for our group.

Titan’s social destinations are not exceptional, which is disheartening, particularly for a fresher company. Titan’s Facebook page has 28 5-star audits, and its BBB page has eight 5-star surveys. That is not to the point of knowing whether Titan Exit Group is a moral company, however it’s a decent beginning.

The mystery behind the proprietor or group appears to be a gnawed off, and we could do without that. Straightforwardness in business is basic nowadays. What are they stowing away? The truth will come out eventually. The company is excessively new to completely comprehend the extent of their effect in the timeshare exit industry. We will watch this company before long to se.

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LAST UPDATED: January 2, 2023

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