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Timeshare Exit Team

Timeshare Exit Team is another timeshare exit company that promises they can help you exit your timeshare “legally.” Their headquarters are based in Bellevue, Washington, but they have over 30 locations throughout the United States and Canada. This company is one of the largest and oldest exit companies today.

They operate under a few names such as Reed Hein & Associates and 321Exit.com. It doesn’t stop there. They are also endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey, Steve Harvey, Ben Shapiro, Herman Cain, and many more big-name radio and tv celebrities. But the big question is…are they really legit? Or is this just a huge scam? I mean anyone can hire a celebrity to endorse their product, right? I mean if there’s enough money in it they will sign on the dotted line, no problem. So they must be good, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that if you fall for the hype of this company you will be sorely disappointed in the end.

If you’re looking for an honest review of the Timeshare Exit Team and how they work, look no further! Our team has composed an in-depth article on the Timeshare Exit Team. It is to help give you insight into the company and how they operate. Our team believes every timeshare owner should know a couple of tips before working with any exit company. Initiate a live chat or fill out our free consultation form to learn more.

Is Timeshare Exit Team a scam?

Update October 2022: Timeshare Exit Team has formally shut down as of December 31st, 2021. In September, the organization was expected to pay an incredible amount of $2.61M to the State of Washington. To learn more, click here.

The State Attorney General of Washington states the organization advertised a 100% Money-Back Guarantee they didn’t respect. Multiple customers didn’t receive their refund. A few owners have been patiently for quite some time, yet nothing.

Assuming you are a previous client of the Timeshare Exit Team, start a Live Chat or call us at (949)-541-6633 to find out how other timeshare cancellation companies may be ideal for you. Note, we cannot assist you with recuperating any of your cash back from Timeshare Exit Team.


Timeshare Exit Team Reviews

Timeshare Exit Team reviews have mixed reviews, making it difficult to determine the accuracy of their feedback. Some claim they received excellent customer service while others state just the opposite. Many of their complaints revolve around customer support and the delayed processing of paperwork due to the backlog in their organization.

As we reviewed the company’s website, the first thing that stood

out was how they’ve helped over 22,000 timeshare owners. They’ve been around for eight years, since 2012, thus making this a good sign that they have a decent reputation in the cancellation industry.

However, the company has also faced its fair share of criticism. A quick Google search reveals various forums and articles where disgruntled customers shared their horror stories. Let’s dive deeper into the Timeshare Exit Team Website to learn more.

Offers a Free Consultation

As our team scrolled down the page, we noticed an area where the

company mentions they offer a free consultation! This is great from the Timeshare Exit Team because it demonstrates they are selective with their clients.

Many companies in the industry provide their services to anyone that walks in the door, regardless if they are a good fit for them or not. An exit company should first verify your eligibility for their services. Anyone that tries collecting fees up-front without determining their qualifications is typically a red flag. There are some scam companies that prey on vulnerable consumers. Only use a company that gives you a free assessment!

When a client contacts the Timeshare Exit Team, they fill out a form requesting a quote and a free assessment. Once submitted, the team analyzes the data provided and determines if the client needs assistance. The company only charges a fee if the client requests assistance or closes on a deal. It’s important to note that even if they do not accept you as a client, they may still provide you with useful advice that can help you with your current situation.

Offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The next factor our team noticed, and possibly the most crucial,

is the company does charge up-front, and they do not offer an escrow payment option. They offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which is an

excellent way to build trust with their customers. However, as tempting as this may sound, this does not protect you against all exit scams.

That is because a 100% Money-Back Guarantee still requires you to pay up-front fees. So you are only guaranteed a refund if you meet their stated criteria and successfully cancel your timeshare contract.

Let’s say you pay an exit company up-front, and a couple of years

pass by without any real progress. Now what? In a more extreme case, the company decides to file for bankruptcy and run off with all your money! If you haven’t read our article on how escrow works, we suggest you look over it and learn more on how it eliminates any up-front fees.

Does NOT Prioritize Attorneys

As our team continued to review the company’s website, we came

across another vital point of the cancellation process, Timeshare Exit Team does not prioritize hiring an attorney immediately for your case. Below is a statement that came directly from the company’s website:

“There is no attorney-client relationship between you and Reed Hein. Timeshare Exit Team will assess your opportunities for an exit without the need for using an attorney, and should it be necessary to hire an attorney on your behalf,”

Our team cannot express this enough, the most legitimate way you

are going to get rid of your timeshare “legally and efficiently” is

through a timeshare attorney. If you signed a legally binding document, wouldn’t it make sense to hire a professional who studies the law versus someone who is just going to draft cancellation letters on your behalf? Plus those cancellation letters have a low success rate so we do not agree with the

company on this statement.

If you are still considering hiring Timeshare Exit Team to help

with your cancellation, we suggest you read through their contact thoroughly and contact our team for any questions or concerns.

Cost & Fees

Timeshare Exit Team Costs

If you’re wondering how much Timeshare Exit Team cost does, similar to its competitors, the company does not provide prices for its services online. It’s common for a cancellation company to show this because in this industry, typically prices are determined after a free consultation of some sort.

You want to steer clear of any “greedy” exit companies who try to charge you up-front without any knowledge of your situation; they’re probably a scam.

So we admire the Timeshare Exit Team for not accepting everything that comes their way. Although their costs were not provided on their site, the company did go to latimes.com and state that the Timeshare Exit Team average cost runs around $4,000 paid up-front. If what the company stated here is true, then their prices are fair compared to their competitors.

On average, our team has seen a standard range of $3000-$8000 amongst all exit companies. The cost typically depends on the complexity of your timeshare contract and an increase in price for a couple of different reasons. Factors such as owing a mortgage balance or complications with negotiating with the timeshare developer are consistent points that could raise your exit fees. Exiting a timeshare can be very expensive, but compared to a lifetime of annual maintenance fees and special assessment fees from your timeshare, you will actually be saving tons! Plus if their costs “vary”, then this gives you the right to negotiate for something cheaper. At the end of the day, it does not hurt to try to ask for something lower.


Timeshare Exit Team Ratings

As of November 2022: The Timeshare Exit Team BBB page no longer exits due to their recent closure. To learn more, clickhere.

The Timeshare Exit Team BBB page lists them as “non-accredited” companies with a “C-” rating. They have over 670 reviews and 404 of those are all Timeshare Exit Team complaints.

It didn’t stop there, on November 28th, 2018, the Better Business Bureau released a statement that they’ve received a “pattern of complaints” from past clients. As we read through the BBB’s statement, we found numerous timeshare owners complained how the company refused to honor their “100% Money-Back Guarantee.” And no the waiting period wasn’t a couple of days, some of the owners even mention how they’ve been waiting for several years to get their money back!

So the Better Business Bureau didn’t say the greatest things about Timeshare Exit Team, but as our team checked out their Trustpilot page we noticed they dropped from a 4 to a 2.9/5-star rating. Yelp even lowered  their score to a 2.5-star rating because of customers complaining about “false promises” that the company failed to fulfill. Sounds like Dave Ramsey needs to pack his bags and pull his endorsement because this ship is sinking!

Timeshare Exit Team Lawsuit

Timeshare Exit Team has been sued multiple times since its establishment in 2012. More recently, on Friday, August 14th, 2020, the King County Superior Court denied the State of Washington’s motion for a preliminary injunction with its lawsuit against Reed Hein & Associates, who is also known as Timeshare Exit Team and 321Exit.com. The Court decided that the evidence the State provided was not enough to support the injunction.

The complaint was filed back in February 2020. As our team dug deeper, we learned Timeshare Exit Team was accused of many unfair or deceptive business practices. According to many consumers, the company was not holding its end of the bargain of its “100% Money-Back Guarantee.” Now many of their past clients are angry because the company has failed to refund them for several years.

Yes, this might be a major win for Timeshare Exit Team, however, the lawsuit is still far from over. To learn  more about the lawsuit filed by the Washington State Attorney General – Bob Ferguson, click here.

In 2017, Timeshare Exit Team was involved in two more lawsuits: one with Welk Resort Group and the other with Holiday Inn Vacations Club. The Welk Resort Group sued the company for allegedly: “Operating a nationwide racketeering scheme to induce vacation owners to disrupt Welk’s contractual relationships with its vacation owners; thus causing a breach of contracts, delinquencies, and defaults that damaged Welk, the vacation owner association, and vacation owners.” As our team looked into the lawsuit, Timeshare Exit Team presumably told Welk timeshare owners to stop paying their timeshare maintenance fees.

Unfortunately, they said this with a false guarantee that thetimeshare owner’s credit score would not be affected. Thus leading to many timeshare owners jeopardizing their credit scores. To learn more, click here

The Holiday Inn Vacations Club sued Timeshare Exit Company for “interfering with customer contracts and misleading owners about its ability to get them out of timeshares.” This lawsuit was rather interesting because, on the eve of the trial, both companies agreed to settle without adjudicating any of the legal issues that remained. To learn more, click here

Timeshare Exit Team Dave Ramsey

As many of you may already know, Dave Ramsey is a financial guru and an extremely well-known radio host. Dave Ramsey has made it very clear on his “Dave Ramsey Show” that if there’s one exit company he trusts, it’s Timeshare Exit Team and only them.

Dave Ramsey said on YouTube “At first I was reluctant to partner with a company involved in the timeshare exit space. You have to be very careful about who you partner with. Trust me.” Dave Ramsey seems like he’s willing to put his reputation on the line for this company.

Currently, they are the prime focus for the Washington State Attorney General – Bob Ferguson. Endorsing a company with such a history in lawsuits could make things ugly for Dave Ramsey. We hope he truly knows everything about them and how they operate and isn’t just endorsing them for attractive compensation. If you decide to hire Timeshare Exit Team, we highly suggest you contact our team first.

Timeshare Exit Team Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is another big-name radio and tv celebrity. Steve Harvey has openly endorsed Timeshare Exit Team, even though he may not be the most active in the financial industry.  He has a tremendous voice when it comes to expressing what is right and wrong.

If a famous individual like Steve Harvey endorses Timeshare Exit Team, he must have a good reason. Our team still recommends working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you don’t pay a single penny up-front to the company until your timeshare contract is canceled. Why would you want to take the risk of paying thousands up-front, and your timeshare is still not canceled?

Is Timeshare Exit Team Trustworthy?

There is no information available on the cost of the Timeshare Exit Team’s services. They don’t provide an option for escrow payments. Timeshare owners are advised by the BBB and FTC to steer clear of businesses that demand upfront payments.

So, should you believe a business that demands hundreds of dollars upfront from its customers for a service they are unable to guarantee? Our recommendation is to seek out a timeshare exit business that provides an escrow payment choice. You can terminate your timeshare this way without having to make any upfront payments.

Additionally, Timeshare Exit Team has previously been a defendant in a number of court cases. In many instances, they didn’t live up to their half of the contract, which cost their clients money. Do you really want to put your money in the hands of a business whose past performance implies they might not fulfill their promises?

The negative appears to outweigh the good so far. We advise you to avoid Timeshare Exit Team and look for a reliable timeshare exit firm instead. We advise choosing an established business with a sterling reputation when it comes to your money. The good news is that there are many businesses with a strong track record of success!

What If You Stop Your Payments?

Many people make the mistake of stopping their payments thinking that they are canceling their timeshare contract. Unfortunately, this is not accurate. When you stop making payments to your timeshare company, they will continue to charge you maintenance fees and taxes every month until you formally cancel your contract.

Deeded timeshares cannot be canceled through a STOP PAYMENT request to the bank because the resort has title to the property. This is why so many people end up paying thousands of dollars in legal fees to try and get their timeshare cancelled! Avoid this headache by doing your research and finding a reputable timeshare exit company!

What If Pay a Lawyer?

If you decide to hire a lawyer to help you cancel your timeshare, they may recommend that you write a letter to the timeshare resort explaining why you are canceling the contract. This can be tricky because there is a good chance that the resort will ignore your letter or retaliate against you in some other way. It’s important to keep in mind that lawyers often charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help clients cancel their contracts!

Hiring a lawyer may seem like the easy way out, but it can actually be expensive and time-consuming. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a when you can do it the right way by using a timeshare exit company? For most people, the answer is “no.”

Instead of hiring a lawyer to help you cancel your timeshare, we recommend working with a company that is familiar with the laws in your state and has years of experience helping people just like you get rid of their timeshares.

Final Thoughts


Who are the owners of Timeshare Exit Team?

  • Reed Hein Associates are the owners and founders of Timeshare Exit Team.
  • The organization was first established in 2012 by Brandon Reed and his colleague.

Where is Timeshare Exit Team found?

  • Timeshare Exit Team’s headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington.
  • It has other offices across the U.S. and one in Canada.

How is Timeshare Exit Team’s online reputation?

  • Timeshare Exit Team doesn’t have a positive standing on the web.
  • It has low rankings on Yelp and TrustPilot.
  • The BBB has given it an F rating.

What amount of time does Timeshare Exit Team require?

  • The organization guarantees the typical cancellation can be around 3 years.

Is Timeshare Exit Team worth the effort?

  • With no escrow choice, high charges and an unstable unconditional promise, Timeshare Exit Team isn’t worth the effort for a great many people.
  • The process can also take years assuming it prevails by any means.
  • A few customers have wound up with harmed credit because of working with the organization.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we want to reiterate our recommendation not to hire companies that rely solely on celebrity endorsements to promote their business. This is one reason we do not recommend Timeshare Exit Team.

We highly suggest you choose a company that invests in qualified professionals to help guide you through the process of canceling your timeshare. If you choose to work with Timeshare Exit Team, or a company similar to them, we encourage you to contact our team before handing over any money to any organization.

It’s difficult to say if Timeshare Exit Team is legit, their reviews are mixed, but the constant negativity that has been associated with their name is just too hard to ignore. Our team believes Timeshare Exit Team should prioritize helping the customers who have been waiting several years for a refund, not the new leads who just walked through the door! While some of their endorsements still chose to defend them, it is important to think about who they endorse and whether or not it aligns with their self-interests.

Something to be mindful of is that not all companies that offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee are legitimate and trustworthy. So how do you find a trustworthy company that offers an escrow payment option? The best thing you can do for yourself is to ask around! Talk to other people who have had experience with these companies and ask them for recommendations. You can also read online reviews written by other customers to get a better idea of what you can expect from a particular company. These reviews will give you a clear picture of how good the company is at providing high-quality service to its customers.

There are dozens of companies who claim to offer “guaranteed” timeshare exit services to their customers. Many of these companies are shady and operate illegally. We always believe in recommending an exit company that has a

strong positive presence in the timeshare industry, is responsive to its customers, and offers a no up-front fee escrow option. There are so many companies to choose from in this industry – you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best!

We always believe in recommending an exit company that has a

strong positive presence in the timeshare industry, is responsive to its customers, and offers a no up-front fee escrow option. There are so many companies to choose from in this industry – you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best!

But if you are still skeptical about which exit company you can trust, contact our team! We can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is reputable. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 31, 2021

We contacted Time Share Exit Team about 2 years ago for our Marriott timeshare and although the process took 2 years we are extremely pleased that they exited us completely. Our own attempts to sell/return/cancel were not succesful as Marriott put many obstacles in the way. We understand that TSET were overwhelmed with other customer requests and had some growing pains sure, that is why the process took longer than expected. But they have now saved us money for years to come. We paid about 5K for their service and would recommend them to anyone.


Absolutely nothing done.

Rated 1.0 out of 5
February 10, 2021

Crickets – I have heard nothing but crickets since we entered this process and gave them our documentation. Not happy at all.



Rated 1.0 out of 5
February 10, 2021

I’m having an absolutely horrible experience with timeshare exit! Find another company if you were suckered into buying a time share, or go to a law firm directly! 3 years of this has been enough! They continuously give out the wrong information. Almost 6k wasted on this service, not to mention the money already wasted on the timeshare itself. You’re better off letting your timeshare go into collections versus calling timeshare exit team. Good luck, but PLEASE DO NOT go this route!

Kevin Haney

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