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Timeshare Defense Attorneys

If you are looking to get out of your timeshares contract and avoid harsh penalties from the companies that own them, you probably considering hiring a company like Timeshare Defense Attorneys.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys offers a cancellation service to clients who have gone beyond the cancellation period and are unable to get their contracts terminated with resorts or timeshare companies. Since timeshares often have steep penalties for cancellation after the set deadline, it can be difficult to terminate a timeshare on your own.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys offers the services of experienced attorneys who will cancel your timeshares so you don’t have to go through the stress of dealing with a large corporation on your own. But the company was only started a few years ago. Can the company be trusted? Will it protect your best interests, or will it try to rush you into making a quick decision that you can later regret? Let’s continue reading to find out.

Who is Timeshare Defense Attorneys?

Timeshare Defense Attorneys was founded in 2018 by Richard Fonbuena, Esq. owner of Fonbuena Law Firm (d/b/a/ Timeshare Defense Attorneys). The company primarily deals with the cancellation of timeshare contracts and the enforcement of state laws against timeshare developers.

It looks like the first location opened in West Jordan, Utah. But the company has expanded to two additional locations in Scottsdale, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV. All locations offer free consultations to timeshare owners interested in terminating their contracts.

So what makes their services unique? To put it plainly, they can review your agreement to decide whether it’s legitimately enforceable or if it should be voided due to deceptions you might have confronted. The organization goes through cautious preparation to then force the developer to protect itself in court. While you can’t ensure a result, it’s good to know that you’re working with a lawful group that is aggressive on your behalf.

We can’t excuse the truth that Timeshare Defense Attorneys is a fairly new company. What’s more, as we investigated Richard Fonbuena, we affirmed he passed his Bar Exam in May 2019 as per the Nevada State Bar site. Is this new organization alongside its young staff equipped for following through on the commitments it made? We are not entirely certain about that yet.


Timeshare Defense Attorney’s Online Reputation

There are not much of online reviews of Timeshare Defense Attorneys so we need to rely upon the little amount that is available. We do like what we see generally yet there are a few red flags we ought to consider while assessing this company.

As far as one might be concerned, there isn’t a lot of data about their genuine history with clients and there isn’t anything on their site to reference other than reviews that as of now exist from Google. We were intrigued to see they have a 4.6/5 – star rating out of 75 Google Reviews. This is clearly a decent sign however it is essential to consider the nature of the actual reviews to decide if they are believable. In the event that the surveys are completely focused on 1 source, it can likewise be trying to assess them for exactness.

Moving over to the Timeshare Defense Attorney’s BBB page it was soothing to see basically the “A-” rating in addition to the 5/5-stars. Yet, it was somewhat disheartening to find just 1 customer review in 3 years, and 3 complaints over the most recent a year. Not extremely soothing to find an organization that has a greater number of objections than they do surveys.

This quickly raises our doubts and makes us question how dependable the organization is. On Facebook, they appear to have a respectable local buzz with 661 likes however there are 0 reviews. Also, we took a gander at Yelp and Trustpilot, just to find they had no reviews there by the same token. It is challenging to assess an organization with a little internet based standing, yet this can be anticipated from an organization that is just 4 years of age. Along these lines, we suggest investigating their organization prior to working with them.

Cost & Fees

Timeshare Defense Attorneys’ Cost

Timeshare Defense Attorneys do not post specific pricing on their website or any media source for that matter. Instead they quote you a price based on a “One-Time Free Consultation.”

Timeshare Defense Attorneys advertises that they also offer a “Flat-Fee” after they’ve evaluated your timeshare situation. However, they do state the flat-fee will be contingent on the complexity of your case. Therefore, it’s hard to predict the actual cost of their services until after you’ve talked to one of their agents or they have reviewed your situation in detail.


Timeshare Defense Attorneys Review

As we investigated the Timeshare Defense Attorneys’ site, we were glad to see that they were straightforward about how they help their clients. This incorporates a free consultation to survey whether an agreement can be dropped and whether the organization can assist with the cancellation.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys initially start with the “Case Appraisal” to decide your qualification for their services. During the call, they might pose a couple of inquiries to comprehend the points of interest of your timeshare circumstance. The next step is “Case Documentation” where you will give all significant documents to the Exit Specialist. In the wake of checking on your record, here comes the “Case Proposition” step where they will return to you with either a proposition to push ahead or to tell you that they will not be able to take your case.

We respect that the organization is requiring some investment to check on the off chance that they can take on a case or not. We’ve seen an excessive number of organizations attempt to take on several cases when they are not able to do as such. Great work here from the TDA group!

Looking down the home page we see that Timeshare Defense Attorneys have been referenced on different news sources including CNN, NBC, FOX, and nearby media sources in Arizona and Nevada. Be that as it may, we were unable to track down any supporting connections or proof to check the authenticity of these claims. We would like to state here that more publicity doesn’t mean better service. Or having loads of media exposure doesn’t make that company better than others.

Continuing our review, we found that Timeshare Defense Attorneys offer a “fixed charge” for their services. On the off chance that this is valid, this is a positive sign. Most timeshare exit companies will charge an underlying value, just to request more cash further down the road. This occurs with timeshare exit companies that outsource work with different organizations or law offices. On account of Timeshare Defense Attorneys, it seems as though they are all in-house. This makes it considerably more helpful for the client since the resource will be with the organization during the process instead of one law office and afterward another.

When an exit company outsources the work to legal counselors beyond its organization, it very well may be dangerous. The legal counselor that the exit organization reevaluated the work to could quit dealing with the case or lose interest to get the owner out of the timeshare. Since they weren’t the ones that signed you up, they won’t have the same sense of urgency to get you out. Assuming that your case is excessively troublesome, they’ll quit working on it since it doesn’t make a difference to them any longer.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys seems to do most of the work in-house, however, the disclaimer on their site says something else:

“Timeshare Defense Attorneys has contractual agreements with licensed lawyers throughout its network that specialize in timeshare and consumer protection law.“

It seems like they are outsourcing a portion of these cases to outside legal counselors too. This is a dangerous slant and something you ought to consider when hiring any timeshare exit company.

We do see that they offer a “100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee” which translates to a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. While this is still a positive sign we would prefer to see an escrow payment option. That is because a “guarantee” still means you have to pay money up-front to the exit company. Regardless of its claims of a money-back guarantee! With escrow, it eliminates all up-front fees paid to the exit company. Meaning that you protect yourself from all angles by not paying them any money up-front in case they don’t deliver on their promise. Unfortunately, we don’t see any mention of escrow payment anywhere on the Timeshare Defense Attorneys website.

Proceeding with our review, we came across the Timeshare Defense Attorneys FAQ page. Here our team went over a few FAQ’s with answers from the Timeshare Defense Attorneys themselves. Most responses appear to be precise, which is a plus. But, when we saw their assessed length of cancellation can go anywhere from 3 Months – 3 Years, this appeared to be considerably longer than your normal timeshare cancellation.

Might this be because the organization doesn’t deal with its cases in-house? Or on the other hand, is it because the young staff demands more time than most organizations? We will continue digging and bring you more updates as we learn more.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

When we look for a solid cancellation organization to help dispose of your timeshare contract, we search for a few things from them: reputation, client engagement, and general reasonableness.

First, we need to see whether they have a reasonable online reputation by checking through different sites. By doing this, you can make sure that you don’t wind up working with somebody that will just do halfway work. Also, this can help you to find out if other people have had any positive or negative experiences with them previously. Finally, we recommend you hire a company that offers escrow services to make sure that your money is properly accounted for.

Unfortunately, Timeshare Defense Attorneys lacks a strong online reputation and does not offer escrow. In addition, the length of time they take to get you out of your timeshare is too long compared to most of the companies in the industry. Therefore we cannot recommend them for your timeshare cancellation.

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