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The Abrams Firm is a timeshare law office situated in Olympia-Lacey, Washington. Overseen and run by Mr. John Abrams, The Abrams Firm has been working together since 2001.

Mr. John Abrams ensures that his firm has been the apparent leader in consumer protection since the mid 2000s. In any case, they affirm their primary objective is to reliably get timeshare owners the speedy solutions they need to drop their timeshares.

In case you’re hoping to work with The Abrams Firm, there are a couple of things that each timeshare owner should know prior to working with them or any timeshare exit organization. Start a Live Chat or fill out the form on the right to discover how you can shield yourself from potential timeshare exit scams.


The Abrams Firm Reviews

The Abrams Firm reviews are generally positive. It is fairly hard to obtain reviews from individuals who have hired The Abrams Firm; there aren’t numerous in presence.

Nonetheless, one thing we appreciated is that The Abrams Firm doesn’t endeavor to sell you by adding huge loads of customer reviews to their site. Our group prompts timeshare owners to not be tricked by exit companies stacked up with five-star reviews that you’re not actually sure if they’re genuine.

As we checked on The Abrams Firm site, one thing we saw quickly was that their URL is Seems like they endeavor to being the end all be all of law offices to address timeshare exiters. Something we really like is they fanned out what you should expect from them on the homepage. They used to be pro-bono for low-pay clients. Currently they’re still pro-bono, but now require different level of expenses beginning at $1000.

Their ‘About Us’ portion is significantly more essential as it is separated into various sections. They have their principal area with respect to their fundamental objective and why this business is so important to them. What’s more, there are two legal counselor profiles, their arrangement of encounters in consumer protection, and a short time later a few information about their attorneys.

The Abrams Firm worked really hard showing the profiles of two of their lawyers on staff. Mr. John Abrams himself and his Partner Kathryn Bosse where the ones referenced. Their capabilities are fanned out thoroughly from their Licensure to their Education. This is comforting for those searching for timeshare exits as they presumably know their arrangements are in qualified hands.

The Abrams Firm purportedly put forth a gigantic attempt to accomplish their goals moreover. They similarly attempt to ensure potential customers that they aren’t a scam company, and you won’t get unwanted calls or insecure assurances.

The Abrams Firm pronounces that their customers are completely explained the benefits and the approaches the firm will take. This expense is settled upon before any assistance is given and the client understands what’s available for them. No mysterious charges or nonappearance of correspondence. You talk directly to the lawyers managing your case instead of sales reps or caseworkers who have no idea about your case.

They have a gigantic data base section that offers through and through information about timeshare cancellations. If you have any further requests, you can check out their blog for more significant explanations and further investigation.

Generally speaking, if you investigated their experience and qualifications, you could take a gander at their contact sheet. This will help you with contacting them and you can detail the information about your resort and why you’re calling them.

While we can’t say they are the ideal company to go with to help drop your timeshare, they are maybe the most candid firm we’ve seen. They spread out what’s in store and the degree that charges go. Nonetheless, we should remember that they don’t offer an escrow payment alternative. This means that an upfront charge is required.

Cost & Fees

The Abrams Firm Cost

We like how direct and genuine The Abrams Firm is apparently concerning the sum you should want to spend.

They announce that there are no forthcoming expenses and that clients should expect to pay a $1000 level fee. Anyway, they will not at any point charge more than $4000 for any case. They ensure there are no mysterious charges and that portions are simply taken once it is certain they will be able to cancel your timeshare.

On the off chance that you owe a mortgage loan on your timeshare, the expense will be higher. After our group read through past reviews, and looking at their site completely, past clients expressed their charges range from $1000-$4000. This range is somewhat normal in the timeshare business. All things considered; we suggest you haggle the cost with The Abrams Firm.

Still, $1000 to $4000 is a reasonable expense for a timeshare cancellation.


The Abrams Firm Ratings

Update October 1, 2021: They have an “A+”- rating on The Abrams Firm BBB page with a 5-star rating out of 3 surveys. However, they in like manner have 3 Google reviews that are 1-star. This where we started to scrutinize the legitimacy of the organization’s customer feedback.

The two 5-star reviews are clear. They pass on a couple of bits of knowledge concerning the firm being not hard to work with and that they were given the results they had expected while working with them.

The 1-star reviews offer a substitute perspective than we’ve seen as of not long ago. One of them affirms that their money was taken, and they weren’t spoken with from there on. What’s more, another says that they urge you to pay more fees and they acknowledge there may be unprofessionalism and wrongdoing here.

While we have nothing to back up these cases. up until this point, The Abrams Firm radiated an impression of being respectable. All things considered, we do reliably urge you to do your own due diligence before you use a firm or association to help you with exiting your timeshare. It is critical that you trust the association you will put cash towards. What’s more, that you have a grasp on their credibility and ability to help you with your timeshare cancellation.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

While they may not be the ideal response for everyone, The Abrams Firm offers significantly dependable and steady options for those searching for a speedy and sensible exit from their timeshare.

Their lawyers are focused on offering help to individuals who have been cheated and swindled by tricky timeshare developers. The information they offer in gigantic numbers on their site really seems like they would help most uncertain timeshare exiters with devouring requests they might be having.

They in like manner give a cautious depiction of their lawyers’ capabilities, so you know exactly who is helping you and where they got their experience. Be that as it may, there are a couple of weaknesses to the degree whether their legitimate appearance is valid, including their absence of client surveys. The unassuming number of surveys split down the middle among incredible and dreadful. The Abrams Firm additionally doesn’t offer escrow, which means you should settle front and center. This builds the danger on the timeshare proprietor; along these lines, we can’t suggest them.

Contact our group so we can assist you with finding and deciding whether a timeshare exit organization is authentic. We suggest working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legitimate right so you can exit your timeshare contract lawfully. Peruse our site, finish up the structure on the right, or reach us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation.

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