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If you’re among the countless individuals considering exiting your timeshare, you’re not alone. Many timeshare owners find themselves in situations where these investments no longer align with their lifestyles. Fortunately, there are businesses that specialize in helping you exit your timeshare contract, and one of them is Royalty Exit Solutions.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the services offered by Royalty Exit Solutions, providing valuable insights into their approach, website, background, costs, reviews, and services. We will also discuss the role of a timeshare exit company and how they assist timeshare owners in canceling their timeshare contracts. Our objective is to provide you with insights into the following points:

  • How does Royalty Exit Solutions work?
  • What can you find on the company’s website?
  • Company’s background.
  • Costs and fees of the company.
  • Reviews and ratings of the company.
  • Services offered by the company.

Let’s get started.

How Does Royalty Exit Solutions Work?

Royalty Exit Solutions, located in Irvine, California, claims to have extensive experience in the timeshare industry. Over the years they’ve successfully assisted numerous clients in exiting their timeshare contracts.

Owning a timeshare is a luxury for a short time until the person considers that timeshares are bad. The reality kicks in when a person has to keep up with the maintenance fees and other costs, even when not visiting the property frequently. Royalty Exit Solutions help such people in exiting the timeshare legally.

The company focuses on discovering people who want to buy timeshares but need financial assistance to cover the expensive initial price. This requires significant work because it might be difficult to sell many timeshares online, even for just $1. After all, timeshares lose their value. It is manageable if you have enough industry knowledge and understand what and how to promote. These conditions are favorable for Royalty Exit Solutions.

Royalty Exit Solutions, unlike most timeshare cancellation companies, claims to adopt a completely different strategy. These stand out as the main characteristics.

  • A free consultation is not a sales pitch. The free consultation offered by Royalty Exit Solution is assuredly not a sales technique. They claim you will never feel forced to use the company’s services. They will aid you if they can offer free assistance.
  • Costs remain the same for everyone. Many timeshare exit businesses base their costs on your timeshare purchase price or the size of your monthly dues to determine what they believe you can afford. Royalty Exit Solutions steer clear of this tactic and deal with all their clients the same.
  • No need to pay the upfront fees. The amount will be placed in escrow, and the company will get payment once you get yourself out of your timeshare agreement.

Royalty Exit Solutions gives a clear explanation of how it operates. The business will provide you with a free consultation, following which they will explain your options. If you hire the company, you will sign an authority letter allowing them to negotiate on your behalf. It will work explicitly; they won’t demand that you deny employing them over the phone or insist they pose like you.

As many companies are scamming people as they act to be the reliable timeshare exit company, Royalty Exit Solutions are clear about what they do and don’t. The list of the things they dont offer is below:

  • They are not a timeshare transfer company. Some organizations that help people sell their timeshares assert they can give ownership to a charity or a fake LLC. That won’t work since most timeshare agreements give the resort the right to pursue you if you transfer your timeshare to someone who doesn’t make payments.
  • The cancellation process takes time. You must be patient with the company and trust the process. They won’t promise to release you from the timeshare in days.

Company’s Website

You will discover a few unexpected facts after examining Royalty Exit Solution’s website in greater detail. As you click on the website, you will find it to have a clean, simplistic, and expertly designed layout.

As you browse the homepage, you will see this company makes a powerful statement. They advertise that they “help timeshare owners regain financial freedom” and make the appealing promise that they offer clients hassle-free timeshare exit solutions.

The Royalty Exit Solutions website is a breeze and competent. Transparency, honesty, and professionalism are highlighted as the company’s three main selling qualities on the front page, including a link to an article with key information on timeshare cancellation and a contact form.

There is also a useful FAQ section, a page regarding the company’s advocates, and an “About Us” page containing details about the company and how it works.

The Royalty Exit Solutions top menu features the company’s mission and history. On the website, you see a link to the ‘Timeshare Exit Quiz” as you browse and look around further. You will be asked various questions about yourselves and your case during this 15-minute quiz. By the time the exam is over, you might know how Royalty Exit Solutions runs its course, what to anticipate from the business, and how much money you can save. Likewise, the questionnaire will inform you if you require Royalty Exit Solutions, given your circumstances.

Background of the Company

When you need a reliable and trustworthy timeshare exit company, Royalty Exit Solutions can help. Having the personal experience of dealing with tedious timeshare contracts over the years, they deliver what they promise to their clients.

The company has served timeshare owners for more than a decade. Based on a situation where members of their own family were entangled in what they later discovered might have been unethical timeshare arrangements. As a result of the persistent pressure to pay high fees despite doubtful legalities, they learned a distressing truth: most timeshare commitments are illegal, and millions of trusting consumers are forced to uphold these contracts without complaint.

They made it their responsibility to educate individuals about their timeshare agreements and provide them with a simpler, more direct way to get out of onerous obligations after realizing how common this problem was.


Reviews and Ratings of the Company

A timeshare exit company’s track record and ratings should always be checked online before employing them. Customer testimonials provide a highly reflecting look into what to expect from the service providers.

On the other hand, it turns out that even fraudsters try to make money from online review sites in a fruitless effort to stay ahead of their victims. They routinely manufacture fake reviews to advertise their questionable timeshare exit companies.

Royalty Exit Solutions is an A+ accredited company on Better Business Bureau, with an average of customer reviews ranking 5 out of 5. Out of the many positive reviews we went through, some are below.

A client named Joe M wrote, ‘’My family went through the unfortunate experience of getting involved in a timeshare and have felt trapped for the past few years, unable to figure out an exit. We found Royalty Exit Solutions, and the team was efficient, quick, and professional throughout, helping us get out. My family thought they would be stuck with it forever and never imagined it would be as easy as it was. Sometimes it’s best to bring in the heavy hitters to get the job done. I highly recommend contacting these guys as they are the consummate professionals and great at what they do.’’

As we checked, their website possesses testimonials from happy clients too. Various clients have expressed their satisfaction while working with Royalty Exit Solutions.

Another popular rating and review website Trustpilot has verified Royalty Exit Solutions with a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Containing a total of 5 reviews, all of them are 5-star reviews.

The company offers the service they promise because there are no bad reviews.

Cost & Fees

Costs and Fees of the Company

Most timeshare exit agencies will advise you that the charge will fluctuate depending on the difficulty and particulars of your case. According to Royalty Exit Solutions, most of these businesses are interested in learning more about your overall financial status, the size of your expenses, and the cost of your timeshare. Then, they impose a price on you that they believe will compel you to work with them.

Royalty Exit Solutions do not disclose the cost of exiting a timeshare on its website. The reason could be that every timeshare has value, and every client has a unique situation. Due to this, costs will differ depending on the kind of timeshare you own and how your particular timeshare contract operates.

However, given the prices most timeshare exit companies demand, you ought to dedicate thousands of dollars to these services.



When you discover that you are confined to a timeshare that is not as advertised and cannot afford it or meet another owner, you begin to listen to the same complaints as yours. You believe that “Someone needs to hold these timeshare companies accountable,” and you are debating whether you should take legal action.

Well, the answer is yes, you can because timeshare contract loopholes exist. Which Most people don’t know about them, however. Legal action lawsuits are common in the timeshare industry. This is the legal procedure when many victims, or people who present a case, file a group lawsuit against a different party. When several timeshare owners join forces to bring legal action against their timeshare provider, this is known as a class action lawsuit in the timeshare business.

Lawsuits decrease the credibility of the business. Luckily, we found no legal action lawsuit against Royalty Exit Solutions. This is good news because Royalty Exit Solutions seems loyal to its customers.

Services Offered by the Royal Exit Solutions

Royalty Exit Solutions states that they help customers regain their financial freedom by exiting the timeshare contract. The services they offer, as listed on their website, are below:

  • They offer a free informational consultation to review your timeshare contract and aware you of the possibilities. For example, if you are in your rescission period, you can send a rescission letterto your provider, etc.
  • Implementing the best strategy for your timeshare exit, their experienced team analyses your contract and the course of action to take in breaking you free from the timeshare.
  • As everyone has a unique case, they forward the contract analysis to the respective attorney specialist in timeshare law regarding the state your timeshare was bought.
  • Their expert will be with you 24/7 to advise and protect you from scams.
  • The legal staff takes all required steps to lawfully terminate the timeshare contract, relieving you of the duties and acting efficiently.
  • The team will continue providing support and guidance after the timeshare agreement is cancelled, enabling you to move on to a stress-free lifestyle confidently.

Why People Hire Timeshare Exit Companies?

You ignored the need to terminate a timeshare agreement when you signed one. Now your upcoming trip to a resort or condominium has you wanting to rip all your hairs out! There are other justifications for using a timeshare exit company.

Here are a few main reasons for working with timeshare cancellation companies:

  • Hefty maintenance fees are one of the primary causes for which many timeshare owners seek to end the agreement. The maintenance fees are frequently in small type when you purchase the timeshare, so you likely should have noticed them. In other words, you might be astonished that corporations can hike rates every year, given the terms of the agreement you signed.
  • According to timeshare legislation, you should be fully informed about the terms of the deal, the charge, and the timeshare before signing the agreement. To offer public timeshares, however, many businesses conceal the truth. A timeshare is an ongoing obligation you must pay for until you pass away. Your possessions may still be removed to cover these costs even after your death.
  • When the timeshare became available, the timeshare business set your expectations about the amenities at your resort. Right? Nevertheless, you were let down when you arrived there. The timeshare company provided you with photographs that could have been more representative of the true condition. As a result, people decide to cancel their timeshare if they’re unhappy with their timeshare contract for this reason.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

One may compare the timeshare cancellation industry to a maze. Numerous businesses make bold, aggressive sales claims. Many use techniques that never work or give little information about them. Few will make their rates known in the open, and many will charge whatever they believe you can afford.

Royalty Exit Solutions shines apart as an exceptional case of a business that appears to want to assist genuinely and lays its options on the table to its customers. You will only have to pay them if they are successful, and they won’t try to upsell you. Finally, their fees are transparent and the same for everyone.

Contact us so we can assist you in determining whether a timeshare exit firm is credible. For a free introductory consultation, browse our website, submit the form on the right, or contact us via Live Chat.


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