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Omni Ellis

Omni Ellis LLC, is another timeshare exit company that states they can help you get out of your timeshare. Based out of San Francisco, CA, the company has been in business for about 5 years. Dating back to its establishment in 2015 they have been in the field.

At first glance, the company has a very sleek, professional website, but after further review, a couple of things did stand out to our team. On the homepage, in clear, bold letters, you’ll find Omni Ellis San Francisco offers two services that distinguish themselves from their competitors: timeshare cancellation and student loan forgiveness. This is why we found it strange to see a recent spike in Omni Ellis complaints. The complaints mentioning dreadful customers’ experiences. Does this mean this exit company uses inflated claims to lure customers into entangling contracts like the timeshare developers? We’ll let you decide on this one. 

If you’re looking for a fair and honest review look no further. Our team has compiled an in-depth review filled with many pros and cons to give our readers better insight. The insight into this timeshare cancellation company. We believe every timeshare owner should know a couple of tips before working with any exit company. Initiate a live chat, or fill out our free consultation form to learn more.


Omni Ellis Reviews

Omni Ellis reviews do seem to carry mixed emotions from their past clients. This is normal and does add authenticity to the company’s customer feedback. However, since we did find bold claims and discovered a recent spike in  Omni Ellis complaints, we advise you to be cautious.

After taking a closer look at the company’s website,  we confirmed a couple of different things about Omni Ellis. The company offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which is good. Most exit companies offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, but not many offer an escrow payment option.

We would have liked if Omni Ellis offered an escrow payment option; typically, this is the first thing you want to look for when canceling your timeshare. An escrow payment option is about the smartest way you can exit your timeshare because it eliminates all up-front fees paid directly to the exit company. Escrow protects you from a potential timeshare exit scam because the exit company does not receive payment until they have successfully helped you cancel your timeshare.

As our team continued to review Omni’s website, what next caught our attention is that the company has a ‘Latest News’ section. Here they provide blogs on some of the hottest topics owners talk about the most in the timeshare industry and current events the company has encountered. Omni Ellis does well here by offering public education and content that helps owners inform themselves.

If you look at the top where the tabs are listed, you’ll notice the company has a ‘FAQs’ page to answer some of the most common questions timeshare owners have. Questions like “How do I sell my timeshare? Who can I trust? Can I get my money back?” are all mentioned on this page. We admire Omni Ellis here for providing public knowledge for its readers.

On the frequently answered questions page, we also learned the company accepts foreign timeshares with locations in Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. The majority of the timeshare exit companies in the United States only deal with resorts on home soil. Omni Ellis LLC does well here to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

As our team went through many Omni Ellis reviews, the company’s most vital asset seems to be its ‘FAQs’ page. Omni Ellis demonstrates another positive point here by mentioning how the rescission period works. Omni Ellis states most rescission periods range from 3-7 days, depending on your location. This is a fair judgment. Our team has seen a standard length fall between 3-14 days, depending on the state laws where you made your purchase. We highly recommend you inform yourself of your state rescission laws to determine if you still qualify for your rescission period.

Omni Ellis

As we turned our attention to online Omni Ellis reviews, we discovered disturbing news mentioning ugly sales tactics. On a few different platforms, past Omni customers say how once the company offers you a quote, the sales reps increase the costs if you do not accept their first offer. Our team does not agree with high-pressure sales tactics. You just dealt with the timeshare developer’s sales staff. Why go through that again with an exit company?

If you’re considering hiring Omni Ellis for your timeshare cancellation, our team will tell you everything you need to know before a final agreement is reached. You can apply these helpful tools with any timeshare exit company. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat to learn more about how you can protect yourself from a potential timeshare exit scam.

Cost & Fees

Omni Ellis Fees

Compared to the rest of the industry’s exit companies, Omni Ellis fees are not mentioned online. Don’t worry; this is relatively common. Most exit companies require an assessment before determining the cost of your timeshare cancellation. Specific requirements need to be met for the exit company to determine an accurate fee for their services. If Omni Ellis cost is unusually high, do haggle the price, they will lower the fees. 

Our team did find it unusual how no Omni Ellis online reviews mention a price for their services. It’s common for an exit company not to share their fees with the public, but a review will typically mention a cost that you can expect. A standard exit cost can range from $3,000-$8,000 depending on your situation.


Omni Ellis Ratings

As of February 2021, many customers have claimed on the Omni Ellis BBB page that the company has failed to remove its timeshares. Other customers say they can’t even get ahold of the company. We suggest you do your due diligence and research Omni Ellis. Despite them having a 4.66/5-star rating, the company has had 50 complaints in the last 3 years, with 45 of them within the previous 12 months. They do have an “A+” rating, but numerous complaints are yet to be resolved.

Omni Ellis reviews are not available on Trustpilot or Yelp. They have a 3.6/5-star rating out of 10 reviews on Google, and they have a 2.6/5-star rating out of 5 people on Facebook. A company that lacks feedback from different platforms is typically not a good sign and does damage the authenticity of their online presence. More damage is the last thing the company needs right about now. Mostly since we’ve seen a recent Omni Ellis complaints pattern, all with customers asking if they are still in business. Other customers have jumped to the conclusion that this is an Omni Ellis scam.

We can not state if Omni Ellis is a scam, you will have to do your own due diligence but we do recommend only working with exit companies that offer an escrow payment option. If you want insight on some timeshare exit scams, click the link.

Omni Ellis

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Overall, Omni Ellis San Francisco offers marketing and customer service for licensed attorneys who provide timeshare cancellation services and student loan forgiveness. Since Omni Ellis reviews are mixed, unfortunately, our team cannot recommend them. Although the company does well by offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, we advise you to do extensive research on the company. Our team only recommends exit companies that have no up-front fees and offer an escrow payment option.

Many Omni Ellis complaints stated how the company charges up-front fees for their services and has failed to cancel many owners’ timeshares. If these complaints are not resolved soon on the Omni Ellis BBB page, it could be a disaster for many timeshare owners who have put their faith in the company.

Contact our team so we can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is reputable. We recommend exit companies that offer escrow to eliminate any up-front fees. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how you can protect yourself against a timeshare exit scam. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free customized consultation.

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Rated 1.3 out of 5


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They don't help, they scam u DONT DO IT

Rated 1 out of 5
August 26, 2021

Omni Ellis said they worked with Soleil management, Tahiti village. Paid them their 8k fee and at first they were responsive. One and half years later, now they won’t call us back or return emails. BIG SCAM. DONT FALL FOR IT.

Liz turner

What happened to this company?

Rated 1 out of 5
August 10, 2021

We signed a contract with Omni/Ellis in January 2020 to dispose of 3 timeshares. Every thing seem to be going fine until we got an email saying they were reorganizing and doing thinks different in February 2021. Originally we were told it would take a year to get rid of timeshares. It’s now been over a year and a half and they will not answer emails or voice mails that I have left them. Beginning to think we are going to be screwed.

William R. Wason

OMNI ELLIS total scam artist

Rated 1 out of 5
July 17, 2021

I signed a contract with Omni Ellis in January on 2020. Ive spend a lot of wasted hours deal with this company. I paid them $3000 get rid of my timeshare. They appointed an advisor that started the process then they turned it over to another. during the process I had to make several trips and pay postage on certified mail that wants me to get from my resort.. I was finally turned over to another advisor and was told I was in the final stage. That was 9 months ago. about 7 months ago I received an email telling me they were changing policy and that my timeshare was going to be worked as group or a team and would be notified of what was taking place. Its been almost 9 months now and not heard anything. I’ve made several phone calls and left messages. Ive yet to get a return call. I’ve tried and the fax number no long works. On top of all this, part of the requirement was I could not use my timeshare. So for two years now I have paid $660 in maintenance fees and not been able to use my timeshare. word of advice. Don’t have any dealings with OMNI ELLIS or anyone tied to that name.

Bill Bryan

Omni Ellis does not represent its customers

Rated 1 out of 5
May 25, 2021

I give 1 star only because there is no 0 star rating. First of all, Omni Ellis promises to eliminate the timeshare contracts, but make a customer to sign, notarize and send letters by registered mail to the timeshare company from the customer personal behalf, i.e. does not really represent a customer in the process. It simply uses the template letters where it changes only the resort company name and address and your name and address. Secondly, it simply hopes that the timeshare company will amicably resolve the contract. Omni Ellis does not go through the legal court process to legally cancel the timeshare and represent the client in the court process. Omni Ellis is horrible in communication process. It’s practically impossible to contact them since they do not respond to e-mails, do not respond to the calls and do not return the voice mails. Moreover, Omni Ellis tried to use more deceiving process than even timeshare timeshare companies use to lure prospective buyers. When unable to produce a legal cancellation of our timeshare and not even starting a legal process, they tried to send me a letter congratulating me with timeshare relief. They tried to convince me that just sending 3 letters to the timeshare company that did not get answered, already made me free from all legal obligations related to my timeshare contract. Naturally, my timeshare company replied in e-mail that these letters do not apply to the legal contract and do not free me from timeshare contract obligations. Omni Ellis has a 100% fee back guarantee clause in the agreement if it does not fulfill its contract obligations within 12 months. Still Omni Ellis does not want to return the fee we paid for services and does not work with us, does not respond to our communications. I warn everyone to stay off any relationship with this company!!! It looks like a big FRAUD now!

Dora Margolina


Rated 1 out of 5
February 10, 2021

On March 30, 2020 we entered into a time share cancellation agreement with Omni Ellis. When my wife spoke to our time share (to stop the credit card debits for monthly maintenance fees) they informed us that a cancellation program was available to us, at no charge to us. Apparently, Omni Ellis was obliged to inform us of this option (which is apparently why they say not to contact the time share directly). They had neglected to inform us of the free cancellation option offered by the time share company. They have done absolutely nothing on the process of eliminating our time share agreement. I have requested a refund by multiple telephone calls, letters and e-mails to no avail. I made two appointments to speak with “upper management” and Omni Ellis failed to keep the scheduled appointments. Omni Ellis deceived me from the start and will not return my calls. Avoid this company! They seem to be running a very slick ****. One star is too many for this organization.

Richard M.

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