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Genius Exit is a timeshare exit association situated in West Hollywood, California. Genius Law, arranged in the more significant Los Angeles area, is the parent organization.

The association emits an impression of being a joint effort generally between the founding legal counselor of Genius Law, Adela Ulloa, and legal advisor Austin Shufelt. The past law office is alluded to on the association’s ‘Who We Are’ page as the case management expert.

In case you’re searching for a reasonable and legit survey of Genius Exit, you’ve gone to the perfect spot. Our group has composed a detailed audit of the organization, loaded up with numerous pros and cons. Our goal is to give our readers a better understanding into how Genius Exit and other timeshare exit companies work. What’s more, there are a couple of things each timeshare owner should know. To find out more, start a Live Chat, or fill out our free discussion form on the right. We’ll assist you with choosing the most ideal choice ideal for your timeshare circumstance.


Genius Exit Reviews

The site for Genius Exit is proficient and organized exceptionally well to make it easy investigate. The organization gives expansive information about the most well-known method of exiting a timeshare. They make their interaction sound exceptionally clear.

The ‘Who We Are’ page refers to they have legal advisors Adela Ulloa and Austin Shufelt and Director of Resolutions Diane Cassidy, who used to be with Ulloa’s law office. It moreover fuses information about Genius Exit’s chief practice districts. An organization established by attorneys that work with cancelling timeshares sounds pretty dependable.

Genius Exit highlights their authenticity and straightforwardness on most of their site. There is, precisely true to form, an entire page committed to their interaction under Genius Exit Difference drop-down menu. They also give a captivating assessment page where you can compare other Exit Companies under Genius Exit Difference. The principal information here that you might find supportive is the general interval of time that they take with timeshare exits — nine months. They in like manner note a couple other timeshare companies that have been sued for fraud or for distortion, which is something you would apparently find obliging while you research each association.

As we’ve explained before, working with a legal advisor or legal firm to exit your timeshare is the most authentic approach to exit a timeshare. Note, it usually will run you a higher cost, especially if you owe a mortgage loan balance on the timeshare. Besides, it will most likely be a safer measure, so it can require extra time and exertion from you.

Employing Genius Exit would almost certainly put you in close contact with someone who has authentic data about property ownership and debt cancellation. However, as usual, we suggest you do your due diligence on them. Just as any exit organization in the cancellation business.

Taking everything into account, in case you have options, working with a legal counselor or law firm might be the best way for your situation. Be that as it may, you should in any case never settle up-front fees for any anyone.

Our group suggests working with companies that offer escrow, so you stay shielded from a timeshare scam. A few companies do have secure monetary resources to back up their 100% Money-Back Guarantee. However, why take the risk when you can employ a legitimate exit organization that offers escrow?

Cost & Fees

Genius Exit Cost

We didn’t find data about any Genius Exit costs on the web. They do offer free consultations, and like various other timeshare exit companies, ensure a full refund. Be that as it may, having a 100% Money-Back Guarantee during your timeshare cancellation isn’t really the most secure alternative.

The organization then, at that point states they can offer you a free, no-commitment conference so that, together, you can track down the most ideal alternatives for you. All in all, they will attempt to perceive how much money they can charge you prior to taking on your case on.

As we’ve noted elsewhere, we don’t recommend going with a timeshare exit those charges up-front fees. It is safer for you to work with an association that uses escrow for portions taking everything into account. You can read about why escrow is crucial on this page.

We generally suggest you haggle the cost when you converse with any timeshare exit organization. On the off chance that the expense goes over the normal value scope of $3,000-$8,000, we propose you contact an alternate timeshare exit organization.


Genius Exit Ratings

Update September 2021: There are not very many reviews for Genius Exit and they are not on the Better Business Bureau. This is likely in light of the fact that they have not been around for over 6 months.

Genius Law has a couple of surveys on TrustPilot. A piece of these surveys address working with Genius Exit. Generally, the info is positive, and represents a reasonable and reliable association in dealing with cases.

To the degree the attorneys’ encounters go, we had the alternative to find a couple of audits about Adela Ulloa, exactly at her past firm. The Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, APC. Ulloa has an astounding rating of 7.0 on Avvo, with a couple of positive surveys on Google and Yelp. Austin Shufelt shockingly doesn’t have an excessive number of audits. Anyway, we found that he has a nice score of 6.1 on Avvo moreover.

Overall, we stand by our recommendation to only hire a company that has no up-front fees, offers, escrow, and uses attorneys to cancel your contract. Genius Exit is additionally not on the BBB. Wouldn’t you need to know the organization you are working with has a solid presence on the web?

The following are a couple of Genius Law reviews from past clients on TrustPilot:

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

While Genius Exit appears, apparently, to be a specialist, we would propose being wary preceding choosing to work with them. Their upfront fees put the owner in an entirely vulnerable position. Having a staff with legal experience is clearly a critical assistance to any timeshare exit, and they seem to have given solid results previously. However, it can similarly interfere with you substantially more money as time goes on to go this course. That is the reason you need to employ the group who can drop your timeshare appropriately the principal attempt!

In the event that you are in the more vital Los Angeles locale and endeavoring to drop a timeshare, they could be a memorable association. However, taking everything into account, in the event that you are contemplating working with Genius Exit, we prescribe contacting us first. That way, we can assist you with deciding your accessible choices.

Recall that there is a couple timeshare exit companies that don’t char up-front fees and are more legitimate. We’d encourage you to analyze our rundown of exit companies we’ve explored to see what various options you have. If you have further requests regarding any of these companies, or whatever else related to cancelling your timeshare, start a Live Chat, or fill the form on the right half of the page. We can help you find the ideal timeshare exit organization ideal for your circumstance at no expense!

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