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EZ Exit Now is another company that says they can make your timeshare problems disappear. Based in Houston, Texas, the company LLC has been in business since 2013. As our team reviewed the company, immediately we noticed they had a very informative website. From tips on exiting your timeshare to helpful ways, you can avoid a timeshare scam. It really makes sure to include it all. Any company willing to provide beneficial knowledge for its viewers is typically a positive sign. But as our team took a closer look, we discovered some startling information.

If you’re looking for a fair and honest review of the company look no further. Our team has compiled an in-depth review filled with many pros and cons to give our readers better insight into how EZ Exit Now operates. We believe every timeshare owner should know a couple of tips before working with any exit company, initiate a live chat, or fill out our free consultation form to learn more.


EZ Exit Now Reviews

 EZ Exit Now reviews are primarily positive and located on a couple of different platforms. We admire the diverse customer feedback here because it is a reflection of the company’s success in providing customer satisfaction.

As we evaluated the company’s homepage,  the first thing that stood out was the company offers a free consultation with no obligations on hiring them. This is an excellent sign of legitimacy because it demonstrates how selective they are with the cases they take on. A reputable exit company should always take the time to determine if they’re qualified to handle your case first. Avoid any pushy exit companies who just seem like they’re trying to get your credit card info. Most likely they are a scam.

Below we discovered a couple of different audio testimonials  from past EZ Exit Now customers. We would have preferred video testimonials, but the audio is still an upgrade from written testimonials. Overall they all described how satisfied they were with their company experience. Many EZ Exit Now reviews mention how grateful owners are too because they cancelled their timeshares.

Continuing our review, we next discovered the company displays a diagram labeled “Our 3-Step Timeshare Cancellation Process.”

As you can see, there aren’t any details on how they cancel your timeshare. This was just a general overview of the process. For a company “Built on Trust,” they do seem to be forgetting one important factor. You cannot build trust without transparency.

EZ Exit Now discloses their process and states they begin with a one-on-one consultation. This is so the company can determine your available options. After the proper route has been selected, they will gather the necessary paperwork to proceed with your case. In the end, you’ll end up sending a written cancellation letter demanding immediate action from the resort.

The company makes no mention of any guarantees or refunds, other than they will work on your case until they have confirmed you are officially out of your agreement. Normally this translates to a money-back guarantee, however, there is no confirmation on their website. We found through a couple of EZ Exit Now reviews they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This is important because if they are unable to get you out of your timeshare contract, you will receive a full refund if you paid them upfront.

We would have liked it if the company offered an escrow payment option. Escrow eliminates all up-front fees, minimizing your risk of a timeshare exit scam. It also holds the exit company accountable because they don’t get paid until they have completely helped you cancel your timeshare. Where a 100% Money-Back Guarantee still requires you to pay the exit company upfront fees. Automatically this removes the sense of urgency they have to cancel your timeshare. And it puts you in a very vulnerable position.   Click here to learn more about the many timeshare exit scams that exist.

Below their “3-step cancellation” diagram are 3 eye-opening videos where ABC News aimed to shed some light on the timeshare industry. As we watched each one we saw different ways timeshare developers trick you into signing a timeshare contract. It’s unbelievable to see how many owners have been tricked into signing these agreements based on false promises.

EZ Exit Now continues to provide its viewers with beneficial knowledge. If the free information wasn’t reassuring enough, the company added an affiliates section below. From the Better Business Bureau to an affiliation with the Texas Association of Business and the NRA; it’s no question the company values its reputation. But at what cost? Typically a company with multiple affiliations is a strong indicator they have a substantial marketing budget.

Cost & Fees

EZ Exit Now Costs

EZ Exit Now costs are not listed online. This is common in the timeshare exit industry. Most cancellation companies depend on free consultations to provide an accurate cost of exit services. Avoid any companies willing to accept your case without knowledge about your timeshare situation. Most likely they’re a scam.

We have seen past customers state EZ Exit Now costs can range from $3,000-$8,000. Again fees depend on the complexity of your timeshare agreement. We understand exit fees can be very expensive. But it doesn’t compare to a lifetime of continuous maintenance fees that tend to increase. Exiting your contract without being scammed thousands of dollars should be the priority.


EZ Exit Now Ratings

Update as of March 2021. The EZ Exit Now BBB page has an A+ rating with 9 reviews and a 3.22/5-star rating. The company has been accredited since 9/11/2014 and has had 7 complaints with 3 in the last 12 months. EZ Exit Now complaints mention how customers paid upfront to find out the company never did the things they said they were going to do.

The company does have a 3.9/5-star rating on Trustpilot, out of 24 reviews. Their Google business profile has a 5-star rating out of 21 reviews. And the EZ Exit Now Facebook page has a 5-star rating as well out of 52 people. They do an excellent job here by maintaining such positive customer satisfaction on multiple platforms. Our team always recommends working with a company that has a strong positive presence in the timeshare exit industry. After carefully reviewing the company, we believe they should make a  better effort in first resolving the open complaints, however. Below are recent BBB and Trustpilot reviews from past customers:

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Overall, EZ Exit Now is another timeshare exit company that may be right for you. Their process does seem common in comparison to multiple exit companies. Still, our team always recommends working with companies that offer an escrow payment option so you are always protected. If you are not sure if a timeshare exit company is right for you, initiate a Live Chat, or fill the form on the right side of the page. We can find you the right timeshare exit company ideal for your situation at no cost.

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EZ-EXIT,as much a scam as the timeshare industry!

Rated 1 out of 5
November 30, 2022

Been with them for years, they have done nothing. Little to No communication. I have responded to their paperwork, it has gone so long that they asked to renew legal contracts. I held out hope. But finally my frustration has just given up. STRONGLY suggest DO NOT believe them, they are not honorable to their promises on getting you out of a timeshare. Now seeking the “refund” if they can’t get you out. I am striking it off as a loss and lesson learned, another scamming company taking advantage of people.

Chris Duke

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