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Client Protection Group, otherwise called Timeshare Elimination Team, is a timeshare exit organization situated in Costa Mesa, CA. Client Protection Group has been in business for a very long time at this point, established in 2013.

Presently you mustn’t mistake them for the Nevada based Timeshare Elimination LLC. Consider Timeshare Elimination Team an optional business name for Client Protection Group. With both under the responsibility for Michael Cromie Jr., the organization likewise has an extra office in Deland, FL.

In case you’re searching for a reasonable and legit survey of Client Protection Group, then, at that point you’ve gone to the ideal spot. Our survey site expects to assist with furnishing you with information on how Client Protection Group functions. Our team accepts each timeshare proprietor should know a couple of tips prior to working with any exit organization. Start a live visit or round out our free discussion structure to find out additional.


Client Protection Group Reviews

Sadly, there aren’t an excessive number of Client Protection Group reviews. Thinking about the quantity of years, they’ve been in business, we anticipated a greater sum. But our team did see value in that a major quantity of the reviews were positive.

Online customer reviews are astounding sources that can give a view of how an organization functions. An association’s site is a great wellspring of information also. Regardless, your exploration shouldn’t just depend on customer reviews. We ask timeshare owners to validate any inquiries they may have and do their due perseverance in exploring each exit company.

Tapping on the Client Protection Group landing page, the essential thing that stood apart to our group was that the organization made it extremely easy to discover information. As we continued to scroll, we were able to quickly confirm the organization charges up-front fees. “100% Money-Back Guaranteed” says Client Protection Group.

Shockingly, this is the place where our team found its first red flag. It doesn’t look good how an exit company can ensure cancellation without knowing basically something about your current conditions. Also, 100% Money-Back Guarantee actually implies you have to pay the exit organization up-front.

We ask owners to search for a free consultation with a timeshare exit company first. This benefits the two sides since the proprietor will discover what accessible alternatives they have. The exit organization can likewise approve whether they’re able to take on your case. Client Protection Group appears to offer one, however they’re actually looking for payment up-front. We never suggest paying any up-front fees since this has prompted incalculable timeshare exit scams. The issue with settling up-front is that it places you in a truly vulnerable position. Also, the exit organization no longer has a desire to move quickly to cancel your timeshare. To find out more about timeshare exit scams, click here.

As we proceeded with our assessment, we realized Client Protection Group makes many statements with no supporting proof. We see huge loads of cases on their site referencing a “speedy and legitimate” exit technique. We additionally discovered a part where the organization talks about extortion recuperation. In any case, we didn’t track down any supporting sources related to these segments. There are a couple of written testimonials, however without pictures or video, this harms their validness.

Tapping the “FAQ” page, we next found the association did well by noting numerous common timeshare owner questions. Typically, any affiliation that puts forth an additional attempt to give data to its readers is a positive sign. We did confirm the organization offers credit protection services. This is magnificent in light of the fact that most timeshare exit companies will not ensure your FICO score. On the off chance that an organization advises you to quit paying your installments without some kind of protection this can put your credit score in peril! Along these lines, we respect Client Protection Group’s endeavors here.

The association says, if you need to recuperate cash from your timeshare, contact Client Protection Group for help. How can the same company who says selling is “impossible” but can sound certain they can recuperate past up-front payments you made? Recuperating cash settled up-front is more troublesome than exchanging a timeshare.

Another point we should discuss is that Client Protection Group isn’t a law office or a resale organization. The association’s FAQ page affirmed this on one of the last list items. Taking everything into account, the affiliation says most exits ought to be conceivable by reaching out to them. We were unable to find any assertions referencing to contact the resort.

Most timeshare developers do offer “deed back” or “buy-back” programs that will take a timeshare back. Obviously, certain requirements should be met to be eligible. However, the principal thing you should in any case is contact your resort before you address any other person! We found this a bit concerning, and nearly one-sided that Client Protection Group makes no mention of this. Appears as though they’re attempting to sign individuals up prior to making owners mindful of this option.

Finally, we landed on the Client Protection Group “Accreditations” area. Here the company posted an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. They additionally are authorized with the Secretary of State of CA. Be that as it may, typically, all businesses who wish to direct business in California need to enlist with the Secretary of State.

Finishing our evaluation of the company, we’ve attested that they do not offer escrow. Wretchedly, this construes that the association charges up-front fees, and we never suggest you pay anybody up-front. Paying high up-front fees has induced different timeshare exit scams. It puts the timeshare owner in an absolutely vulnerable position.

Paying a timeshare exit association up-front doesn’t guarantee they will finish the services they say they will do. They may never have any desires to drop your timeshare at all. Regardless, if you pay with escrow, at this point, the affiliation is presently considered responsible to complete the work it was enrolled to do. To learn more about escrow, click here.

Cost & Fees

Client Protection Group Complaints

Like pretty much every timeshare exit organization, Client Protection Group costs are not recorded on the web. This is ordinary in the timeshare cancellation industry since fees not set in stone until having a free consultation with the organization.

This is on the grounds that most companies base their costs on the complexity of your agreement. For instance, owners who actually have a mortgage loan balance are normally stricter agreements to escape, which will require additional work from the exit organization. A couple of Client Protection Group complaints referenced a value scope of $5,000-$6,000. We’ve seen a standard reach in the cancellation business can run from $3,000-$8,000.


Client Protection Group Ratings

Update as of September 2021, Client Protection Group is a BBB Accredited Business, and they have been in business for about 8 years. Client Protection Group has 28 customer reviews with a 4.89/5-star rating, with 1 complaint closed in the most recent 3 years.

Client Protection Group has 1 Yelp survey with a 5/5-star rating, and they have 0 reviews on Trust pilot and on Facebook. The following is a new BBB client survey from a past Client Protection Group Client:

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Overall, we don’t change our proposal of employing an exit organization that offers an escrow payment option. Our team thought about the 100% Money-Back Guarantee; still, we never suggest paying anyone up-front. Particularly since Client Protection Group needs more online client criticism, this harms their validity of upholding their end of the deal. The organization likewise doesn’t make reference to its exit process. For that, we don’t give our recommendation.

Contact our team so we can assist you with tracking down a legitimate exit organization that is great for your current timeshare circumstance. Our team just suggests employing timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you kill all up-front fees a shield yourself from becoming another timeshare exit victim. Fill out the form on the right or reach us through Live Chat for a free customized consultation. Dive more deeply into how you can secure yourself against a timeshare exit scam!

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