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Centerstone Group, also known as Centerstone Group, Inc., is another timeshare exit company who says they can get you out of your timeshare, for good. Based out of Costa Mesa, CA, the company registered an LLC in Nevada on 2/3/2020, however, receive an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau on 6/12/2020.

Hiring a newer exit company to cancel your timeshare is a bit of a wild card. On one hand it can go well, and you save hundreds compared to hiring a more established company with higher fees. On the other hand, it can go disastrous, and they turn out to be a scam company who tricked you into paying thousands up-front. As our team carefully evaluated Centerstone Group, a couple of things did stand out to us.

Choosing the right exit company for your timeshare cancelation can be trickier than it seems. As you hear sales pitch after sales pitch, you start to realize they can start to all sound the same and it can get quite repetitive. Lucky for you, our team has written an in-depth review of Centerstone Group, listing the company’s pros and cons if hired for your timeshare cancellation. Our team believes there are a couple of useful tips every timeshare owner should know before working with any exit company. Fill out the form on the right so we can help you find the right exit company ideal for your timeshare situation.


Centerstone Group Review

There aren’t too many online Centerstone Group reviews. The reviews our team did come across, they were primarily positive. Taking into consideration the establishment date of the business, this is still a positive sign.

Online customer reviews and feedback are great sources which can provide insight on how a company operates. A company’s website is also a great source of information too, don’t just depend on customer reviews only. We always encourage owners to validate some of the questions they may have and do their own due diligence in researching each exit company.

As we clicked on the Centerstone Group link, the first thing that stood out to our team was that the company has a very professional website. As we reviewed the company’s homepage, we noticed a few different sections we were left impressed with. In clear bold letters we noticed the company offers an escrow payment option.

If you’re wondering what ‘s the smartest way to exit your timeshare contract, this would be it. Escrow is a clever way of exiting your timeshare because it holds the exit company accountable. In contrast to a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Escrow eliminates all up-front fees. By removing up-front fees paid directly to the timeshare exit company you reduce the chances of you becoming victim to an exit scam.

Centerstone Group does well here by reassuring their customers with such generous financial options. As our team continued to review the company’s homepage, we came across a very simple breakdown of Centerstone’s cancelation process. Here we were able to confirm the company offers timeshare owners a legal, permanent solution for their timeshare situation. In Step 6 the company states:

Centerstone Group

Centerstone Group does a great job of breaking down their process and making it simple to follow for their readers. And just to reassure their clients they make it very clear an attorney is engaged during the cancelation process.

But as we reviewed in depth the company’s exit process, a couple of things really stood out to our team. The first point we want to mention is how Centerstone Group, Inc. does not involve attorneys immediately. Our team can understand involving an attorney could drive the prices of the case due to attorney fees. We believe however if you’re going to invest thousands again to cancel your timeshare, you should hire someone who is going to cancel it successfully once. We do want to caution anyone who hires an exit company that does not cancel without involving a timeshare attorney, typically they’re not a legitimate company.

Centerstone Group’s management is well seasoned and proves they are very knowledgeable in the industry. As our assessment of the site continued, our team came across the “FAQs” page. The Frequently Asked Questions page listed some of the most common questions timeshare owners may have about their timeshare. The company also included very thoughtful answers to other questions that are not so common for the average timeshare owner. Below the company does well to mention they offer credit protection services:

Centerstone Group

Credit protection is something most owners don’t consider because most exit companies do not offer this option. If you are ever told to freeze your payments that are made to the timeshare developer, without receiving any guarantee of protection, leave! Usually, these companies are scams and do not have any intentions of helping you cancel your timeshare.

If you’re considering Centerstone Group, there are a couple of things each timeshare owner should understand first. These tips go for any timeshare exit company. Initiate a Live Chat or fill out the form on the right to find out how you can protect yourself from potential timeshare exit scams.

Cost & Fees

Centerstone Group Cost

In contrast to other timeshare exit companies, Centerstone Group does not change its fees based on the complexity of the case. In other words, this means they have a flat rate price and do not change it based on whether you still owe a mortgage balance or if your maintenance fees are very high.

This gives Centerstone a competitive edge in the industry because they offer cheaper solutions for owners who do have a debt and are stuck paying expensive maintenance fees.

The only downside to their approach is not posting their prices online when the company already lacks strong customer feedback. Typically exit companies determine the cost of their services after a free consultation. The company damages their transparency here, thus increasing concerns over potentially being scammed due to a different kind of exit company with only 1 year in the industry.


Centerstone Group Ratings

Update as of December 2021: the Centerstone Group BBB page has an “A” rating with a 4.67/5-star rating out of 51 customer reviews. The company also has an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau as of 6/12/2020 and they have 1 customer complaint in the past 12 months.


On Google, Centerstone Group has a 4.5/5-star rating out of 8 customer reviews.

Unfortunately, the company has no other reviews, these are the only platforms. We prefer exit companies who have a strong positive presence on all platforms, but in this case, the company is relatively new, and this will likely change over time. Below are past customer reviews on the BBB page:

Final Thoughts


Who Owns Centerstone Group?

Centerstone Group’s enrollment papers with the Nevada Secretary of State recognize Mark Weaver as President and Director. Mika Weaver is recognized as Secretary and Treasurer.

Where Is Centerstone Group?

  • The BBB records Centerstone Group’s principal office at 3090 Bristol St., fourth Floor, Costa Mesa CA 92626.
  • Centerstone Group’s Facebook address is listed in Irvine, CA (Irvine and Costa Mesa are contiguous).
  • Centerstone Group’s Nevada office is at 680 Pilot Rd., Suite D, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Centerstone Group Business Days/Hours?

  • Centerstone Group is open from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday to Friday local time. And on Saturday from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

What is the Contact Information for Centerstone Group?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Centerstone Group, Inc. seems like a legitimate timeshare exit company. They meet most of the criteria our team looks for in a timeshare exit company when we perform our assessment. Centerstone Group scored major points with us when we determined they offer an escrow payment option as well as involve timeshare attorneys during the cancelation process. A few other things did stand out to us as well such as the credit protection program, as well as the “FAQs” page, overall contributing to the exit company’s reputation.

Overall, the Centerstone Group did many things well, however a few points did raise some concern for our team. For instance, they seriously lack online customer feedback, and for an exit company with only 1 year in the industry, this could be a deal break for many timeshare owners who are searching the internet for the right company. Contact our team so that we may help you find a reputable exit company who is ideal for your current timeshare situation.

Our team only recommends hiring timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you eliminate all up-front fees. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation. Learn more about how you can protect yourself against a timeshare exit scam!


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Trying to exit Timeshare for more than 2 years

Rated 2 out of 5
October 11, 2022

I hired Centerstone Group in September 2020 for a percent of what I owe on my timeshare. They told me that they should be able to get me out of my four contracts with little to no problem. I had the company paid in full one year after hire date. So here we are October 2022, I still owe on my timeshare and have gone through three different law offices to help get me out. I had to pay extra to get the second attorney’s office involved because the first attorney law firm could not complete getting me out of my contracts. I will say this company has kept their word on not having this effect my credit score, but not sure if or when this company will get me out of my timeshare. If you are excepting results in a timely manner, (especially if you owe a lot on your timeshare – more than $75,000) I would suggest you continue to shop around because this company is not sure what or how to handle something this large. I have been with my third law office for 3 1/2 months now and have only heard from them twice. Hoping to hear good news by Christmas, or at least hoping to hear something by the holiday seasons from either the law office or from Centerstone Group. Wishing anyone using this company lots of luck and hoping you are getting better results than I am.



Rated 5 out of 5
December 12, 2021

This was our third attempt to exit our time share and needless to say we were nervous to trust their info. Must say that they true to their word that it may take 6 months and it took less than 5 months. They were professional and forthright.
We would recommend them and trust their word.

Lewella L


Rated 4 out of 5
February 10, 2021

Quick exit from timeshare. Expensive in the short run, but relieved to be out of annual maintenance now that we are unable to travel. Very good communication was much appreciated

Deborah F.

Excellent Experience

Rated 5 out of 5
February 10, 2021

The Centerstone Group… what a great group of people to work with, they are up-front and very professional. Communications were spot on, and in a short about of time I was out of my timeshare contract, even during the Covid pandemic.


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