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Aaronson Law Firm is based in Longwood, Florida, and they’ve been working together since 2005. The company has focuses on helping clients with getting away out of their timeshare obligations. Aaronson Law Firm claims to have more than 25 years of involvement managing a few cases, including timeshare cancellations.

Presently you mustn’t mistake them for Aaronson Law Firm El Paso, TX. This is the law bunch run by Mr. Austin N. Aaronson, Esq. in Longwood, Florida. This Aaronson Law Firm includes different lawyers and care staff who are only dedicated to helping you with dropping your timeshare contract. Yet, as our group assessed the law bunch in nearer detail, we found surprising data that could make a huge difference.

In case you’re searching for a reasonable and genuine review of Aaronson Law Firm, you’ve gone to the perfect spot. Our group has composed a definite review of the organization, loaded up with numerous upsides and downsides. We will likely give our readers better understanding into how Aaronson Law Firm and other timeshare exit companies work. What’s more, there are a few things we believe each timeshare owner should know before hiring any company. To find out more, start a Live Chat, or fill out our free consultation form on the right. We’ll assist you with choosing the most ideal exit company for your timeshare circumstance.


Aaronson Law Firm Reviews

The format of the Aaronson Law Firm site isn’t hard to investigate. Everything is labeled, and you can find your heading to the data you want. Considering everything, the landing page is muddled and loud with such countless photos, colors, and separating text styles. The stating of the substance is moreover abnormal and remembering that it is stacked with information, it doesn’t stream well for brief reading.

Aaronson Law Firm doesn’t explain if they offer escrow, which isn’t extraordinarily relieving. An association that offers escrow is far alluring compared to one that offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Hosting your money in a third-party escrow account ensures that your timeshare will be completely cancelled before any expense is paid to the exit organization or firm. Where an 100% Money-Back Guarantee requires you to pay the company up-front and center. On the off chance that an exit company you paid up-front chooses to file for bankruptcy, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place! An illustration of this happened with an organization called Resort Release declared financial bankruptcy in 2019.

Up-front fees are the #1 driving reason for timeshare exit scams. It leaves the owner in an entirely weak position. Also, from what can be found on the Aaronson Law Firm site, there is no notice that they offer either elective. They say they do offer credit security, and a consultation with them is free. Although those are some extra benefits, would they say they are sufficient to ensure your timeshare cancellation?

Aaronson Law Firm ensures they record an RPC and join it with a civil complaint. The intention here is to force your developer into dropping your timeshare to stay away from a whole lawful case.

Continuing our review, we noticed the company never once mentions that you should contact your timeshare developer first prior to reaching out to any exit company. Our group flagged this here immediately since that is the first thing you ought to do! Speaking with your developer may possibly help as they might set you free from the arrangement without the need to get an exit organization or firm.

One of the benefits of Aaronson Law Firm is that they use genuine lawyers to help with getting you out of your agreement. Some exit associations will basically form letters for your benefit, nonetheless, having a lawyer on your side while endeavoring to mastermind the fixing of your timeshare can make the interaction significantly less complex.

Aaronson Law Firm was begun by Austin N. Aaronson, Esq., Kay Yi Aaronson, Thomas Acey, Esq., and Daniel F. Chwalisz II. A speedy Google search will let you know that they are respected in the industry and have no criminal establishment. Anybody can say they have lawyers or attorneys ready. You should confirm the legitimacy of their “lawful specialists” first before you settle on any official choices.

Luckily, every lawyer used by the Aaronson Law Firm has been totally screened, and they all have amazing accreditations under their belts. In any case, we prescribe you connect with us first to decide if they will be an ideal choice for your timeshare dropping necessities.

Cost & Fees

Aaronson Law Firm Costs

We didn’t find data about any Aaronson Law Firm costs. Nothing is mentioned to on their site to give you a thought of their fees. This is normal in the timeshare cancellation industry. Most firms won’t talk about their fees up-front.

A past customer review expresses that the costs are sensible and that the data and help the firm will give you justifies the expense of utilizing them. Another review says that they had spoken with another association who said that it would cost them $30,000 up-front! Nonetheless, the Aaronson Law Firm was more similarly as what they had gotten ready for.

Another complaint posted from a past client expressed they’ve been working with them to drop their timeshare contract for a while, and no progression has been made. They affirmed they paid more than $6,000 to work with the firm. Be that as it may, correspondence from the firm has been poor. Also, their timeshare contracts are still open. The firm responded with a powerless assertion of disappointment. The client then, at that point, reacted that they were reached subtly about the matter and mentioned to revoke the post on the BBB site as a trade-off for reimbursement of half of the lawful costs.

Overall, the reviews of Aaronson Law Firm do seem to be positive. But the negative reviews and complaints do show you have to be cautious prior to hiring. Still, we suggest you reach out to us first to help you determine if Aaronson will be the right fit for you.


Aaronson Law Firm Ratings

Update September 2021: The Aaronson Law Firm BBB page has “A-“rating with a 4.6/5-star rating. They are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. But they have no reviews on Trustpilot or Yelp.

There have been complaints recorded concerning the organization over the most recent three years according to the Aaronson Law Firm BBB page. The complaints express that the firm deceptively advanced their services, mentioning that the client’s money was taken anyway and nothing was done to get them out of their timeshare.

The firm responded with proclamations of disappointment about their past correspondence with the client. They referred it that they are unequivocally a law office and not a timeshare exit organization, yet that they expected to advocate for the couple as they were deluded into pursuing their timeshares.

We can see that Aaronson Law Firm has a couple of issues with client satisfaction. In any case, we can’t confirm any of these cases are true. On their site they do have testimonials of their own posted up on their site. Nonetheless, no video or audio tributes were incorporated.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

On the off chance that you’re looking for a law firm instead of an exit organization, the Aaronson Law Firm is unquestionably not a terrible choice. They have insight with timeshare cancellations, and they have a team of ensured lawyers behind them.

Lamentably, we can’t change our guidelines, we just suggest companies that have no up-front fees and that offer escrow. Hence, we can’t make an exemption for the Aaronson Law Firm.

Some previous clients ensure they are genuine and incredible dealing with your timeshare cancellation. Be that as it may, why take the risk of paying an organization up-front? When there are different companies, we recommend that offer escrow who likewise use attorneys to drop your timeshare?

Having a staff with lawful experience is without a doubt a huge assistance to any timeshare exit, and Aaronson Law Firm assuredly seem to have given solid results before. However, paying up-front can in like manner put you in a difficult spot. Considerably more if you wind up getting scammed.

Remember that there are a couple timeshare exit companies that don’t require up-front fees and are more legitimate. We’d encourage you to look at our rundown of exit companies we’ve assessed to see what various choices you have. If you have further requests in regards to any of these companies, or whatever else related to dropping your timeshare, start a Live Chat, or fill the structure on the right half of the page. We can help you select the ideal timeshare exit organization for your circumstance at no expense.

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