Capital Vacations Class Action Lawsuit

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This renowned timeshare destination has recently faced a class-action lawsuit filed by the Timeshare Law Firm. In this article, we delve into the specifics of this lawsuit and provide valuable insights into the world of timeshare ownership, including how to terminate your contract if you’re a Capital Vacations Resorts timeshare owner.

Other topics we go over include:

  • How are class-action lawsuits different from traditional lawsuits?
  • Why was a class-action lawsuit filed against Capital Vacations Timeshare Resort?
  • If you own a timeshare with Capital Vacations Resorts, how can you eliminate your contract?
  • Complaints against Capital Vacations Resort by their previous customers.

There are various methods to eliminate your timeshare. This article will help you understand these methods and how you can utilize them according to your timeshare situation. To learn more on what you can do if you were a victim to unethical business practices, contact us now.

Traditional Lawsuit VS Class-Action Lawsuit

Traditional lawsuits involve two parties in a legal dispute, both present in court for the proceedings. In contrast, class-action lawsuits are brought by a group, typically consisting of 40 or fewer individuals, represented by a single member of the group. These cases are typically resolved in a single hearing, and they can significantly harm a timeshare resort’s reputation.

Capital Vacations Class Action Lawsuit

Why did Timeshare Law Firm file a class action lawsuit against Capital Vacations and many other timeshare resorts?

Timeshare Law Firm has been filing lawsuits against famous timeshare resorts for violating Consumer Laws. These laws were prepared for timeshare owners to be aware of the situation that revolves around timeshare properties. Consumer laws include providing relevant information about timeshares before the customer signs their contract. Information like how timeshares lose most of their value over timeshare, reselling a timeshare is difficult, legal rights a timeshare owner holds, and all information is to be told by the timeshare developer to its customer. But, to make sales, timeshare resorts skip this part. This is a part of their pressure sale tactics to lure more people into buying timeshares.

Many people fall victim to these tactics and end up buying their timeshare properties. If all of this sounds familiar to you, you need to act fast and eliminate your timeshare contract. Contact our team to help you evaluate your situation and develop potential solutions.

How To Eliminate Your Capital Vacations Timeshare?

Capital Resorts Group, now known as Capital Vacations, is owned by National Hospitality Group. Capital Vacations is a timeshare company that owns over 60 resorts and properties, mainly located in the United States.

There can be a lot of reasons for them to exit their timeshare. Their timeshare owners claim that the property does not match the photos they have uploaded online or showed them during the signing of the contract. Owners were not told about hidden costs; their customer service could be more reliable. All these reasons will lead you to exit your timeshare contract with Capital Resorts Group.

If you own a timeshare property with Capital Vacations Timeshare Resort, you have a few options to eliminate your contract. Keep reading to understand the various methods of exiting a timeshare contract, or contact us now.

Exchange Program:

Exchange programs are for owners who plan on staying on their timeshare property. If you want to explore different locations, this method is the one for you, but if you want to eliminate your timeshare, there are other methods. These methods are mentioned below.

  • Capital Resorts Group or Capital Vacations used to offer exchange programs.
  • According to exchange program policies, you can exchange your timeshare property with another property to explore different vacation destinations.
  • This method is used to enjoy vacations in various locations, but you must keep your timeshare property and bear its expenses.

Look up the Capital Resorts Group Timeshare exchange program. They partner with Responsible Exit to help people exit their timeshare contracts. Always remember that before taking any step towards exiting a timeshare, contact the company first. They can help you eliminate your timeshare. But, as you can tell by the reviews that their customer service is not helpful, you can contact our team to help you out.

The Rescission Period Of Capital Vacations Timeshare

The rescission period is the easiest way out of a timeshare contract. If your Capital Vacations Timeshare was recently bought, you can eliminate it without much hard work. Here is how you can use your rescission period:

  • The rescission period is the time limit to cancel your timeshare contract without bearing any additional costs.
  • The rescission period also varies from state to state and company to company.
  • The rescission period usually lasts from 3 to 10 days.
  • So, if you bought your timeshare property recently, you need to hurry up! Find more information about the rescission period at the start or end of your contract.
  • You must write a formal letter to the timeshare company to take advantage of the opportunity to rescind your property.
  • The most crucial step is writing and sending a formal letter in time.

Read The Rescission Letter to help you understand the importance and procedure of writing a rescission letter. Also, understanding your timeshare contract is an arduous task; you can contact us if you need help interpreting your timeshare contract.

Resale Your Capital Vacations Timeshare Property:

Some companies specialize in helping timeshare owners resell their properties. These companies often have a network of potential buyers and can assist with marketing and negotiations. Timeshare properties can be resolved through resale companies, online resale websites, buyback programs, etc.

  • There are certified companies that help you sell your property. These companies already have potential buyers to buy your property; they can help you negotiate and market it.
  • Online platforms like eBay, Craigslist, RedWeek, and Timeshare Users Group (TUG) can help you resell your timeshare. By listing your timeshare on these platforms, you can find people willing to buy the property.
  • Buyback programs are when the contractor who sold you the property is willing to buy it back from you. However, these programs have different types of limitations and rules, which may cause a financial loss.

Even if these resale options do not work out for you, you can try to resale the property within your friend circle or family. If no one is willing to buy the timeshare, the last option is to rent it out to someone who wants to rent the property for a short period. This will at least cover the primary expenses of the timeshare for a while.

Seek Help From Timeshare Exit Companies:

Exit companies help people to get out of their timeshare contracts. They can help you terminate or transfer your timeshare ownership. These companies have gained recognition in recent years as many people are bearing losses or have been scammed recently by timeshare contractors.

  • These companies can help you cancel your contract by using legal clauses mentioned in your contract which you may have missed.
  • They can also resale your property by promoting it on their websites and presenting it in the market. It is easier for them to resale the property as they already have connections in the market, which may make the resale procedures easier for you.
  • They can also assist you to donate the property to charity. Most people buy timeshares as an investment, so there may be other options for them, but people willing to donate it can seek help from the exit companies.

These are the most common benefits that exit companies can provide you if you are interested in getting rid of your timeshare contracts. However, it is crucial to thoroughly check and research before approaching any exit company, as frauds and scams are common in these scenarios.

Complaints Against Capital Vacations Resort

You are not alone if you feel scammed or forced into buying a timeshare property from the Capital Resorts Group. Most of their customers are unhappy and dissatisfied with the timeshare company. Here are a few reviews about the Capital Resorts Group


  • “Capital Vacation is by far the greediest company we’ve ever seen. We purchased with ************, which was later bought out by Capital Vacations, who more than tripled our monthly mortgage payment, and our maintenance fees went from $305 to over $2,000. We were never contacted about this change in ownership and were basically forced to upgrade when we finally got to use our timeshare years later. We were told we had no points to vacation anywhere with them. We are no longer able to afford this timeshare because we’re now retired on a limited income and had to decide on paying for our medication or paying for a timeshare we can not use, so that was a no-brainer. Capital has been of no help to us. They only care about the money coming in, regardless of what their customers and family must sacrifice to pay them.”
  • “We were at a festival and approached by an associate of capital vacations and was told we would be getting all kinds of vacations and extras with just a $299 payment. When we received the email with details, nothing the guy said was included in that email. Also stated that we have to pay even more out of pocket. I have emailed multiple times to get a refund and have not gotten a response back. Would just like my 299$ refunded ASAP as it ended up being a huge scam.”

By Yelp;

  • “I don’t think this is a place anyone should do business with. I took two and 45 high-pressure tour to look at the place; they had one nice person all the others was money-hungry and would sell their children if they could make promises that couldn’t keep and get upset when you do not want to give up your hard earn money life is too short for me to spend 60 thousand in two hours then you say no thank you they give you a visa debit card and say the computer system is down Do not trust a wolf in a cheap suit I wish the business owner would call me so I can tell them how my day went and the Hilton gave to me after this day.”
  • “Lies. All lies except when it comes to paying them. We purchased it in Dec of 2022. We were told that we could roll over and accumulate the yearly “points” to upgrade later on a nicer vacation. We went to do this, and we were told, “No, you can’t”. Why? “You missed your banking deadline”. What does that even mean? No explanation. Then, they discontinued the “customer service chat” with nice big, bold letters about the “banking deadline”.
    I have the chat saved for anyone interested in it. Do not recommend it at all. Stay away. Take the little 3-day vacation in Branson they use to hook you. Sit through the presentation. Enjoy your stay. Just do not purchase a timeshare from these lying crooks.”

All these reviews will help you eliminate confusion about getting rid of your Capital Resorts Group Timeshare.

Final Thoughts

Timeshare ownership can be a daunting experience, but hope remains for those seeking an exit. Many timeshare owners successfully terminate their contracts with determination and the right support. Our team of professionals can guide you through this process, helping you understand your situation and explore solutions.

When hiring timeshare exit companies, being cautious is necessary due to the scams surrounding the timeshare industry. There are a few things you need to consider when working with timeshare exit companies:

  • When working with exit companies, make sure they offer escrow.
  • Companies that offer escrow do not ask for any up-front fees.
  • Escrow works as a protective layer that saves you from scams and wasting your money.
  • Escrow is a third party that holds your money till the exit company is working on eliminating your timeshare contract.
  • If you are new to the timeshare industry, there is a high chance people will try to scam you. With escrow, they can not do so.
  • You see, the exit company only receives payment once they have successfully helped you cancel your timeshare. This gives the exit company an incentive to work harder on your case versus paying the exit company up-front.
  • The escrow route is a bit more expensive than companies that do not offer it.
  • Suppose you have prior experience in the timeshare industry. In that case, you can go with the cheaper option, but if that is not the case, ensure whichever exit company you choose is legitimate.

Going through our site will give you an insight into how we review exit companies and help our customers exit their timeshare contracts. We save our customers from timeshare scams and help them eliminate their contracts quickly and with ease. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right, or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation for your situation.

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